The Best of Chatterbox, Season 4

(Photo Credit: Jeremy K. Gover)

There is one last item here at Admirals Roundtable that needs to be addressed before we officially close the books on the 2016-17 season. It is always my goal to provide a comprehensive coverage of the Milwaukee Admirals behind the scenes. With so many practice held on home ice at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena I am certain this was our biggest year yet on Chatterbox.

It’s been a fun season chatting away with the Admirals. This was a special group of people and they were always a pleasure to talk to. In addition, fan requests this season provided a lot of timely conversations and entertaining questions. For that: thanks for your feedback and suggestions!

You can listen along to the best of Chatterbox in our SoundCloud playlist below. There are quite a few gems so feel free to reminisce the 2016-17 Admirals season at your leisure. Where shall I mark the starting point? Let’s venture back to Juuse Saros acknowledged the Milwaukee media depth at 2016 Nashville Predators Rookie Development Camp.

Cheers to all members of the Milwaukee Admirals this past season for providing the time to do all of these interviews. In addition, the Nashville Predators who did much the same this season as well.

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