Chatterbox, Vol. 207

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

The sad times keep on rolling as today is Exit Day for the Milwaukee Admirals. This is the last time that the 2016-17 team will be together and everyone is getting exit interviews with the coaching staff and much more to reflect on the past season before dispatching. Some are due for Nashville. Some are heading home but still back next season. And most could be on the way to new phases of their careers.

There is a very good case in most interviews conducted by myself today that I make mention that this is the saddest day of the season and that what made this season so great were the people associated with it. It all comes to light on a day like today when everyone is saying their goodbyes with uncertainty in the air. I feel like if this group had the option to stay together and win together next season they would all want to be back. I’m not sure I have ever seen a more tightly knitted Admirals group.

I put word out yesterday on Twitter to try and get fan feedback on who everyone would like to hear from on Exit Day. I tried to get as many as I possibly could with the 2016-17 group and finished off with a solid sixteen interviews. It is a massive listen but you can scan one-by-one the names of everyone I had the chance to speak with today. I tried to get them all. And that included Vladislav Kamenev – who obliged.

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