Fifteen with Trevor Smith

(Photo Credit: Stephanie Moebius)

Leadership at any level of hockey is a very important quality to possess. Yet, I feel it is of highest importance at a level such as the AHL where there is a buffer zone between young and old with everyone still fighting for their chance to make it into the NHL. You very much need that calming presence that can balance out a group and bring a complex mixture of first-year pros and long established talent together to help see individuals form a team. The Admirals team captain Trevor Smith might be one of the best examples that this organization has had at doing that.

When Smith signed a two-year contract last off-season with the Nashville Predators organization he did so after making a great name for himself in the AHL and NHL and then testing the waters in Europe with the likes of SC Bern. He had already played 106 games in the NHL and totaled 20 points (9 goals, 11 assists). He has experienced plenty and was looking to make an immediate return to the North American scene after a season spent in Switzerland.

While the NHL opportunities for Smith have been limited, just the one game played via a bout of food poisoning for the Predators in late-October, the body of work established with the Admirals has been great.

(Photo Credit: Jeff Hanisch)

Smith was voted by his teammates to be the team captain and has genuinely shown time and time again why that is the case. He leads by example with tremendous on and off ice work ethic. And, something that fans can’t see, often times would usher the players together after games to have player meetings. It would happen after wins not only losses. He was keeping the team together and on the same page. With such a young locker room, such as the likes the Admirals have this season, it goes a long way and is an attribute that is helping in ways that far exceed his own personal goals. He really is a team first player. And he was like that from the moment he arrived in Milwaukee.

The thing to remember with Smith is this: he isn’t here for a season and gone. Smith is still under contract in the Predators organization for another season. He will most likely continue on as the Admirals captain for the 2017-18 season. Considering how his first season as the man rocking the “C” has gone? I think everyone should be quite happy to know that he’ll be back and can still put his name into the discussions for rotating up to the Predators roster should a veteran center be needed. He still has plenty of quality to offer at both the AHL and NHL stage.

Cheers to Trevor Smith for taking the time for this interview! We’ve now pretty much run down everyone this season for Fifteen but -if there are still players you haven’t heard from yet that you would like to- please leave a suggestion in the comment section below.

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