Catching Up with Austin Watson

(Photo Credit: Darren Abate // San Antonio Rampage)
(Photo Credit: Darren Abate // San Antonio Rampage)

This week I am on the road in Nashville, Tennessee as the Milwaukee Admirals actually have a nice gap in the schedule in which I can travel down and take in Nashville Predators hockey. Having the chance to watch the process from the AHL for so long this is a great way to catch up with former Admirals who have accomplished their pursuit of playing in the NHL.

I start with someone I’ve known since my tenure around the Admirals started, Austin Watson. For many they see his 2016-17 season as a resurgence despite having started the campaign off being place on waivers, clearing waivers, and playing for the Admirals. He was brought up by the Predators when they suffered a bout of food poisoning. He’s not been in the AHL since.

Watson was the eighteenth overall selection by the Predators in the 2010 NHL Draft. He played 232 games in the AHL with the Admirals prior to finally getting on the big run topside with the team that drafted him over six-years ago. His NHL career now spans 117 career games and that will continue as takes further steps forward.

Watson’s time a season ago for the Predators doesn’t quite feel anywhere close to what he has found in himself this season. His skating has improved and the physical elements he has added to his game makes him every bit the power-forward that the Predators hoped for. All that is left to start manifesting even more is his track record of goal scoring that he displayed so well in Milwaukee where he produced three consecutive 20-goal seasons.

Cheers to the Nashville Predators and Austin Watson for providing me the time to hear from our ol’ Milwaukee Admirals player all grown up! Expect plenty of these this week.

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