Chatterbox, Vol. 174

(Photo Credit: Daniel Lavender)
Mike Ribeiro taking a moment to soak in the surroundings of the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena prior to stepping on the ice for the first time. (Photo Credit: Daniel Lavender)

This morning’s practice from the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena was an exciting one. Mike Ribeiro was on-hand for his first day of work as a member of the Milwaukee Admirals after having cleared waivers and being reassigned to the AHL by the Nashville Predators. Marek Mazanec was also a participant after being reassigned late last night.

The overwhelming focus for several people will be Ribeiro. Was he going to report? How would he handle the situation if he did? And, all of the various other questions, leaned towards  negative headspace aspect of what Ribeiro could be like having the last few days that he has had.

I was kicked back in the seats for practice and saw Ribeiro’s first moments in the rink. I can honestly say my worries were lifted instantly because seeing his face light up with a huge smile as he viewed the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena said enough for me. He looked genuinely happy to be at the rink and that translated into his first practice with the team. He was very active in communicating with players and looked to be nothing but positive in the way he was conducting himself.


(Pinkston) O’Brien-Dougherty


Ribeiro was paired with Justin Florek and the newly named CCM/AHL Player of the Week Frédérick Gaudreau. It is worth noting that Mike Liambas was an absentee from practice today. I did not find out as to why the was the case but Derek Army filled into his place.

After practice I was able to get several interviews conducted. I had the joy of getting to do them alongside the great Tim Van Vooren of FOX 6 as well. Here were all of today’s interviews following Monday practice.

Comments on the comments? What is your general reaction and feeling of Mike Ribeiro as a member of the Milwaukee Admirals? Do you feel like his presence could be a huge boost to the group?

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4 thoughts on “Chatterbox, Vol. 174”

  1. Is it possible that Liambias maybe facing a game or two suspension for his actions on Friday night? From my vantage point, it looked like he came off the bench to fight.

  2. Chris: Well, there were plenty of game misconducts in that game and they all get reviewed for further action by the league. Liambas would have still been able to practice today regardless. I imagine at the very least Rockford IceHogs head coach Ted Dent gets suspended.

  3. I think Mike Ribero will bring good leadership and experience, I know he wants back on NHL roster and if he’s going to do that he needs to embrace this AHL time wholeheartedly and make the most of it. With scouts always watching games and other organizations watching from opposing benchs he’s gonna want to make a good impression. He’s a talented guy who has had some personal problems in the past but has remained a solid contributor and can still be that for an NHL team on a third or fourth line. His time here will really dictate what his future in the NHL will look like. While he’s here I’ll enjoy watching him.

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