Chatterbox, Vol. 151

(Photo Credit: Sara Stathas)
How about this Alex Carrier kid, eh? (Photo Credit: Sara Stathas)

It was great. It was not so great. And then there were back and forth exchanges that spiked suspense for a chaotic finish. No, we’re not talking about the 2016 Election around these parts but the latest installment of the Amtrak Rivalry. It has had its moments in the past but this season it has been delivering intensity and nail-biting moments. Three games so far between the Milwaukee Admirals and Chicago Wolves. Three games decided by a single goal. One in regulation. One in a shootout. And now one in overtime.

The Admirals 5-4 overtime win today can probably be best summed up by two specific moments late in the game. In fact, it probably sums up the way the Admirals are starting the 2016-17 season on a microscopic level. (1) The Admirals allowed the Chicago Wolves to score a power-play goal with 4:07 remaining in regulation. They responded by scoring 25 seconds later. (2) The Admirals earn a power-play with 1:47 remaining in regulation only to take a penalty of their own, a poor one, with 38 seconds remaining of regulation. The penalty kill survives the four-on-three overtime kill, regroup at four-on-four, and score on the rush to earn a win in a game they could have lost on two separate occasions (3-2, and 4-3) after having held a 2-0 lead out of the blocks.

It’s early. It’s very -very- early still into the season. And I’m 100% convinced that the Admirals haven’t played close to their potential. Yet, here we are now 10 games into the season and the Admirals have a record of 7-2-0-1 (15 points, 0.750 points percentage). That’s startling. So, is this the Admirals team we will sit back and watch all season or will the speed and skill fully manifest offensively and defensively to push them into the stratosphere? It’s early. So we’re just going to have to wait and find out. Either way this start has become something special in its own right. The Admirals are on a four game winning streak and really only have the first game on this current run as a game you could say was stress free or made to look easy. The character of this year’s team is shining far brighter than any highlight reel goals we may have been anticipating. And that’s awesome to see this fast.

After today’s game I caught up with Milwaukee Admirals head coach Dean Evason as well as Alex Carrier, Marek Mazanec, and Matt White to hear their comments on the wild win over the Amtrak Rivals. This is what they had to say.

Thoughts on the current form of the Milwaukee Admirals? Is the best still yet to come or will this year’s team be winning ugly like this all season long?

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