The Return Home: Scouting the Building

(Photo Credit: Daniel Lavender)
(Photo Credit: Daniel Lavender)

I know, I know. It’s not “Scouting the Enemy” and the reason for that is simply because the Milwaukee Admirals are facing exactly who the did last night in tonight’s home opener, the Iowa Wild. I’d say yesterday’s scout and game recap should do you nicely as a game preview. What I’m more interested here though is to do a bit of an FYI or PSA in regards to tonight’s home opener at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena.

There are still many fan questions that I see in regards to this move, tonight’s event, and how things are all going to work as far as getting there and what to do once you are in the building. If the Admirals’ Facebook Live video tour of the building yesterday didn’t quite answer those enough for you, check it out anyways because it is great, than allow me to fill in some blanks.

Parking for the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena presents a new obstacle for fans and even someone such as myself in the media. It won’t be as simple as parking in the Bradley Center parking structure anymore. You can still park there but I’d be willing to bet they jack up the prices this season especially on head-to-head nights when it is Bucks vs. Admirals in the battle for West State Street supremacy.

That said, this is a rather big city we all live in and an ever growing one at that. Parking structures exist in nearby locations. There is a parking lot located across from the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena itself. There is an Isaacs parking lot located near the Hyatt Regency off of 4th Street which features 800 parking spaces. And there are multiple surface lots located within a few blocks of the building. The parking is there. It’s all down to choosing a location that suits you and whether or not you mind a walk that could possibly save you in the pocket as well.

What I find will be most important with the parking is to make sure you’re dedicating enough time to get your parking space and arrive to the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena accordingly. With construction the way it is downtown, and 4th Street being down, it adds a layer of circling around and looking for places to park just that extra bit more time consuming. I’m sure that the construction for that new Bucks Arena will change up every once and awhile to add a new wrinkle to driving around that area by the BMO Harris Bradley Center, as well. So, just note that for your commute into games this season.

The next fun thing to add is specifically a reminder of how Saturday games now work. All Saturday home games at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena will start at 6pm which means that the gates are open at 5pm. The reasoning for the advanced start time is a matter of fan and city convenience. Admirals fans will have an early crack at parking on a night such as tonight when the Admirals go head-to-head with the Bucks across the street. That also means that Admirals fans will funnel out of the city sooner than Bucks fans so there isn’t a mass of sports fans all trying to hit the freeway at exactly the same time. Earlier start time? Construction? Trying to find new places to park? Plan accordingly. Plan to get to the gate early.

Lastly, and this is an event I’ve kept myself in the dark from, I imagine that tonight specifically will feature an outstanding pre-game ceremony that you won’t want to miss. This is the Milwaukee Admirals return to a building that they once called home and last played in on 1987 when it was called the MECCA. I haven’t poked around for details as to what we’re all in for but trust me. Even player introductions this season are going to be a brand spanking new event to kick back and enjoy. For a night as big as tonight? Again, plan to get there early – but also plan to take your seat and possibly settle in once pre-game skate takes place around 5:30pm. This should be a highly special night for all in attendance.

I do hope everyone has an amazing time making this UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena what it now is and what it will be: our home. I feel like all the renovations that I’ve watched get completed have been amazing to see. It’s an old building but the beauty of what the Admirals have been doing is finding that balance between new technologies and retro feel. Best of all? It’s simply the Admirals home building. The BMO Harris Bradley Center was terrific and served the organization well for 28 seasons. Yet, it more or less was the Milwaukee Bucks building and say-so. This building we set foot in tonight really has the look and feeling of the home of the Milwaukee Admirals. This will be a special night. This will be a special season. But the renovations will be on-going and this home will get better with every experience fans get inside of it. Let’s all start with Game #1 and move forward.

Any further questions related to tonight’s home opener at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena? Do you have any comments or concerns connected to tonight? Do leave a comment down below or through social media – and I will answer them as swiftly as I possibly can.

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3 thoughts on “The Return Home: Scouting the Building”

  1. The biggest change for Admirals fans is about 15 of their home games will be going on when the Bucks or Marquette have a game at the Bradley Center. I would tell Admirals fans to have a Bradley Center Event Schedule to prepare your parking plans.

    I’m a bit shocked, but I guess I shouldn’t be. The Admirals home games they parked in a ghost town most times. The Isaacs Parking Lot is always used by many for Bucks and MU games. I guess there wasn’t a need for Admirals fans as parked north of the BC. Keep in mind there are other lots near the Grand Avenue Mall and We Energies. It’s a 7 minute walk!

  2. the start time is nice since admirals are going against bucks games and this arena will be admirals home hopefully they play well this home opener not like they did last year

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