Admirals Roundtable 101

(Photo Credit: Daniel Lavender)
Admirals Roundtable’s Editor-in-Chief Daniel Lavender, pictured left, can typically be seen in the media section taking selfies of co-workers at awkward times. (Photo Credit: Daniel Lavender)

The Milwaukee Admirals 2016-17 season is fast approaching. This coming Tuesday will be the first official day of Training Camp here in Milwaukee and it will lead into the first of two Pre-Season games on the weekend that follows. The full schedule of the Training Camp can be found here. Friendly reminder, all practice sessions held at the MSOE Kern Center are open to the public.

I often like to set the table on a season by providing a little Admirals Roundtable 101 for a lot of the new readers and followers. My name is Daniel Lavender and I am the Editor-in-Chief of Admirals Roundtable. This season will be my fifth with the Milwaukee Admirals and fourth heading up Admirals Roundtable. My goal is to deliver a comprehensive inside look into the Milwaukee Admirals, provide breaking news, game recaps, feature stories, interviews, and make this your go-to destination for the Admirals and Nashville Predators prospect news.

When it comes to feature stories? Those vary but I often love to provide the stories that you want to know more about. Last season was the first in which we had an interview feature series known as Fifteen and it was driven mainly by getting to the players you readers wanted to hear from the most. Reader interaction is something I love bouncing off of because, without it, this isn’t much of a Roundtable is it? Always feel free to provide your comments and feedback on the website, stories, or social media platforms so a lot of what you want to be heard is heard and reciprocated.

As for our social media platforms – that’s a big thing. I like to stress that Twitter (@adsroundtable) is where the most activity tends to come from. It’s a better way to chat or ramble along with Admirals Roundtable and is where live play-by-play of the games gets presented. The Facebook page is a lot more relaxed and is generally used to provide stories when they’re released, minor notes here and there, and keeps the frequency of posts to a lighter setting to those who might feel that’s the overwhelming feel of -say- Twitter. We’re also available on Instagram for quickfire posts on news, final scorelines, roster activity, and general photographic hijinx. Additionally, all of our interviews with the Admirals coaches and players are hosted on SoundCloud where you can sometimes catch post-game interviews before they launch on the website.

When will things get posted? That’s often a question dependent upon how the news comes in but on a typical game-day experience you get a pre-game story known as Scouting The Enemy in the morning, the Game Recap gets posted as soon as it possibly can, and the post-game interview column Chatterbox tends to get posted late into the night. As always, when news becomes news – we shall get that rounded up and published. And feature stories generally come with a tip off of their arrival on social media but will come along in bulk when the season starts hitting stride.

Lastly, I always massively encourage everyone to participate, share thoughts, provide feedback, and -100%- have fun. Come Tuesday morning this is full-time work and things will be very busy and active. It’s the best time of the year, to me. The weather is getting colder. We’ve made it through the long off-season and buried that awful last game of the 2015-16 season in our minds… until I brought it up. Hockey is finally here. And, with all the storylines due to come at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, I think we’re in for a special ride here in Milwaukee with the 2016-17 Admirals.

Welcome to the Roundtable,

Daniel Lavender
Admirals Roundtable

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