Fifteen with Harris Turer and Jon Greenberg

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)
He’s a pretty good one. And Juuse Saros will be, too. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Last season here at Admirals Roundtable the feature interview series Fifteen allowed fans to get to know their favorite players off the ice that little bit better and to participate by submitting requests for who they wanted to hear from first.  Little did I expect that on a few occasions non-player personnel would be requested to have on. The goal during the season for me is to access the players in the short while that they’re around. And I’m happy to say that was accomplished last season. With the 2016-17 season creeping upon us I think now is the perfect time to launch Season 2 of Fifteen with some of those non-player requests that fans asked for.

When I turned up to the Milwaukee Admirals front office late last week I went with this intention in mind. Admirals Owner/CEO Harris Turer and President Jon Greenberg were both actually early requests in the feature last season but I felt obligated to get to the players first. Both Harris and Jon always make themselves available so this timing came well enough for us to do an extra interview on top of this one.

One of the things I often admire about the Admirals front office, for those that haven’t experienced it first hand, is that it is very much a family atmosphere. The whole group is really a nice reflection of its leaders from up top where hard work is done but done while loving the work that’s being accomplished. That same family atmosphere out of Harris and Jon can also be seen at any Admirals game you’ve attended. Some owners take the luxury box seat and avoid the crowds. The Admirals Owner/CEO and President are always seated with the fans and often wearing jerseys with their own names on them if you needed an added reason to stop by and say, “Hello.” It’s really been this way since the two joined forces in 2005. Perhaps after this interview even more moments of “Hello” will be done.

Cheers to both Harris Turer and Jon Greenberg for spending the time to conduct both sets of these interviews. Again, the behind the scenes activities leading into the Milwaukee Admirals 2016-17 season is by far busier than the hockey news cycle this summer may lure you to think. I appreciate the time afforded by both to take a break for a moment to chat.

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