The Best of Chatterbox, Season 3

(Photo Credit: Justin Bradford)
Chatterbox. This is usually what it looks like. Thanks for the chatting, Corey Potter. 10 Points to Gryffindor! (Photo Credit: Justin Bradford)

Did I say that “Best Of” Week was over? If so, swerve, there is more! The 2015-16 recap material still has a ways to go yet. This week will see the addition of End Season Awards ahead of the final Report Card. Today, I can think of no better item to get up prior to all of those than what can be used as the soundtrack when reading those last pieces of recap.

The 2015-16 season was the third season for our interview column Chatterbox and the debut season for the feature series Fifteen. This past playing season was jam packed full of soundbites from different individuals: 40 players, 3 members of front office staff, 3 coaches, 1 radio broadcaster, and 1 head athletic trainer. In total, there were 250 interviews conducted this season. That is a ton of chatting.

Another big game-changer in the Chatterbox department was the switch from the WordPress Media Player to SoundCloud. This provided hopefully far less technical issues than in the past. That was the main reason I made the jump because so often cutting up individual sound clips caused an overload to the website having so many different media players open in one go. Rather than do that, where the website runs slow or certain sounds clips wouldn’t play due to cache issues, Admirals Roundtable jumped to SoundCloud and never looked back.

I must say that unlike the previous two editions of the Best of Chatterbox this season isn’t very cut and dry. The individual sound clips of the past were abandoned for uploading entire interview segments to SoundCloud. This means, unlike Season 1 or Season 2, you won’t entirely be getting those segmented soundbites. Instead you’ll be getting a massive playlist with all the best of the best in interviews from the season. The good news? You can toggle through all the tracks easy as you like. The bad news? You aren’t getting straight to some of the key quotes, jokes, or stories like in the past. They are in there -but- you’ll have to listen to the full interview just as you did this past season. Sorry about that but it’s the most convenient way to go about this year’s Best of Chatterbox.

For me, personally, your quote of the season came in the last regular season game at the Bradley Center when Juuse Saros called it like he saw it. There weren’t as many interview bombs this season with the likes of Magnus Hellberg out of the organization and Anthony Bitetto up with the Nashville Predators so it had to be that line as the standout soundbite for me. Saros is such a well mannered, nice, honest, and polite guy. For him to have said that after a loss to keep it light made me die of laughter after that interview wrapped up.

Who were your favorite players to hear from this past season? What were your favorite interviews?

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