Best Hit of the 2015-16 Season

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)
BASS SMASH. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Something that I was excited about coming into the 2015-16 season was that the Milwaukee Admirals were getting bigger boomers into the mix. Yes, the likes of a Mike Liambas, Rich Clune, or Triston Grant are fun and all but, as a group, more size was needed. Enter this season where the Admirals outfitted guys like Cody Bass, Jamie Devane, and Adam Payerl to grind the opposition up along the boards… and occasionally through the glass.

I’ve had the chance to see some pretty flashy goals watching the Admirals. There have been a few great fights, too. But I don’t remember a time where I froze up on press row more than when I realized that Bass checked Zach Palmquist through the glass. It wasn’t that the glass shattered. Bass effectively hydraulic pressed Palmquist into the glass and punched him through it. That panel exploded and left a Palmquist sized hole in it. These were the remains of that panel. RIP Panel.

Admirable Mentions (listed in order of appearance): Taylor Aronson hip checks Dennis Rasmussen (11/20/15)… Aronson stands up Radek Faksa in open ice (12/6/15)… Jimmy Oligny polishes off Eriah Hayes (12/15/15)…

Tomorrow in “Best Of” will feature the Best Save of the Admirals 2015-16 Season. What is your pick for the best save of the Admirals season and who made it: Juuse Saros or Marek Mazanec?

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One thought on “Best Hit of the 2015-16 Season”

  1. No doubt that was the most memorable hit. I was at that game. That was crazy. I’m glad they finally let you show video of it. They wouldn’t play it on the jumbotron at the game because I believe a piece hit a fan. That’s never good, but the hit was huge.

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