Juuse Saros First Nashville Predators Mask

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)
Juuse Saros mask for his debut season with the Milwaukee Admirals was a winner. Now he has one in case he sees the ice in Nashville once again. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

I always love the aesthetic side of sports. Here in the sport of hockey you get something unique: goaltending masks. It’s great seeing either the goaltender’s personality or simply an artist’s creativity come out on to the ice with the mask. David Gunnarsson of DaveART happens to be one of the absolute best in the business at putting both of those on the ice.

Gunnarsson has done the work of so many goaltenders within the organization that, rather than rattle off all the names again, I encourage you to view his Flickr portfolio or give him a follow on Instagram. He’s a brilliant artist and I’ve really enjoyed all of his work for goaltenders we’ve had here in Milwaukee. That includes the man pictured up top, Juuse Saros, who just had a brand new bucket made – and it is the first design with the Nashville Predators specifically in mind.


(Photo Credit:: DaveART)
(Photo Credit:: DaveART)
(Photo Credit:: DaveART)
(Photo Credit:: DaveART)

Description from David Gunnarsson:

Juuse Saros knew what he wanted on his new Predator mask. The Finnish lion mascot Finkey as a goalie in great action. He breaks out from the mask made of ice, ready for adventures, and save pucks. This is a mask which breath Predators and Finland and Saros to 100%. I just love to create these storyteller designs and build them in the details, create chapter after chapter and tell the goalies story.

I loved when Magnus Hellberg used Pelle as the motif on all of his masks. I will love it if Saros uses Finkey for all of his future masks.

What do you think of Juuse Saros’ first Nashville Predators mask? If you were to have a goaltending mask what sort of motif would you feature on your mask to say something about you or where you live?

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