Chatterbox, Vol. 100

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)
Joe Pendenza has gone from playing at the ECHL level with the Cincinnati Cyclones, to a role playing winger with the Admirals, to a fourth line center in a matter of weeks. That’s the current state of the Admirals roster depth being stretched to the maximum at the moment. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Before plunging into last night’s painful 6-2 loss for the Milwaukee Admirals I have to address something because, well, look at the headline.

~Volume 100~

This is the 100th edition of Chatterbox. That’s a lot of interviews! When I took over Admirals Roundtable from the fantastic Ryan Miller back in the 2013-14 season I wanted to change things on this website in a big way. I wanted to make the Roundtable more of a news hub and go-to source for information. Something that blended the lines of casual blogging and actual hard hitting journalism. Not only that, but I wanted this to be a place where fans truly feel like they have a behind the scenes perspective that allows for an interactive experience with players. I can’t take you into the locker room with me after games. Obviously for many reasons. But I could let you listen in on the post-game chatter that takes place within that locker room and often let you be the voice that decides who you want to hear from, what questions you want answers to, and to feel as if you’ve had a hand in the post-game media scrum. That’s where Chatterbox came from for me. And it amazes me to think we’ve made it 100 volumes into this feature.

I’d like to thank everyone involved with making the Chatterbox what it is: Milwaukee Admirals VP of Communications Charlie Larson for giving me the privilege to provide behind the scenes interviews with coaches and players, Admirals head coach Dean Evason, every player I’ve had the chance to speak to or have a laugh with, and all of you phenomenal readers who continue to support Admirals Roundtable. Our fan base is one I am proud to represent and it’s all because the people associated with it are so fantastic. Thank you all for being you. And let’s see what the next 100 installments brings (hopefully more interview bombs).


I was almost not even going to tap back into last night’s game. Why? Because I feel as if the scoreline says enough. It was bad. It was very much the not good. And more bad things that I could write about.

The positive to last night’s game comes in the form of today. There is a game today and a mission to be had. The Manitoba Moose have seemingly had the Admirals number this season and especially in Milwaukee. If the Admirals lose badly last night and win today? Whatever. It’s the ups and downs of a hockey season. The Admirals can shoot for payback Monday night in Rockford. If the Admirals lose again today? That’s when the real concerns start to creep in. That’s when the ugly head of doubt shows up and reminds the Admirals that they could be in-store for two-more hefty defeats at the hands of the IceHogs in the next two-games to go on a four-game skid. They can’t afford to do that. Not one bit.

So don’t stay stuck in the mud where last night’s game fell to pieces. Focus on what is directly in front of you. The Admirals need a bounce back performance. History has shown that this season, in games where they lost while allowing six or more goals, that they can and have come back strong: two wins from two opportunities. Today is chance number three to bounce back after allowing six or more goals in a losing effort. Time to bounce back.


After the game I spoke with coach Evason. He summed up last night’s game better than I could have, really. I also chatted with Trevor Murphy, Joe Pendenza, and Félix Girard. Here is what everyone had to say after the game.

Comments on the comments? Are you at all concerned by last night’s loss or is it worth tipping the cap to a team as good as the Rockford IceHogs and moving on? Is Marek Mazanec‘s mojo against the IceHogs this season buried following his performance in net last night?

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