Stevie Moses Placed on Unconditional Waivers

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)
It appears that Stevie Moses will be heading back to Russia to play with SKA of the KHL after the Nashville Predators placed him on unconditional waivers Thursday morning. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

It appears the Stevie Moses experiment is about to come to an end. Elliotte Friedman reports that the forward has been placed on unconditional waivers by the Nashville Predators.

// news comes actually not too far off of a report that Moses’ KHL playing rights were claimed by SKA.


At the time I didn’t give too much thought on the matter because, well, Moses was still here in North America playing AHL hockey with the Milwaukee Admirals. As it turns out that report was a sign of smoke and today we see the fire behind it.

Moses was signed by the Predators in early-April on the heels of a dazzling season playing for Jokerit in the KHL. He lead the league in goal scoring in the KHL last season with 36 goals in 60 games. He didn’t make the Predators roster out of camp while his comparable winger that was already in the system, Viktor Arvidsson, did. Even with starting his season off in the NHL Arvidsson would return to the Milwaukee Admirals and outshine Moses in the scoring department at the AHL level. It was clear that the offensive production that the Predators were hoping to see replicated one-season after tearing up the KHL wasn’t happening. Moses scored 8 points (2 goals, 6 assists) in 16 games for the Admirals while generating less than 2 shots on goal per game.

For me, this was always going to be a low-risk and high-reward signing. I didn’t understand why you would need a Moses when you already had an Arvidsson, a Miikka Salomäki, or a Kevin Fiala waiting in the wings – literally. But, after some thinking, this was a depth move that generated great in-house competition in pre-season camp reminding everyone, including Moses, that spots on the roster are earned and not inherited based on reputation, status, or where you were selected in the draft.

It was clear listening to Moses during his interview on Penalty Box Radio three-weeks ago that he was accountable for what was going on. It’s well worth listening to that full-interview because he was open and honest about what was going on all the way down to when he violated team rules and was suspended for a game by the coaching staff. He was upset with himself for how things were going and battling to do what he could to contribute to the Admirals as best he could.

While plenty would look directly at the goal column for Moses I would say that watching him play with the Admirals has been enjoyable. Just because a goal scorer isn’t scoring doesn’t mean his play shutdown in other areas of the ice. His defensive work rate was arguably better than his offensive work rate. If the Moses experiment stops here it goes down for most as a failure. I mark it as its labeled. It was an experiment.

What did you think of Stevie Moses’ time under the Nashville Predators banner? With Moses now expected to be gone: what do the Milwaukee Admirals do as far as bringing in forward depth? Are you concerned that the Admirals are getting so thinned out that the success of November is about to tank?

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6 thoughts on “Stevie Moses Placed on Unconditional Waivers”

  1. Tough to see Steve Moses go. For whatever reason his offensive game hasn’t translated to North American hockey. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him return to Europe and again discover his scoring touch. Credit Moses for giving it a go in North America. He worked hard, was very polished as a player and was someone you could call on to fill a roster spot in the NHL, but likely not a 36-goal scorer.

    I’m curious to see if Moses gets another shot in the future if he finds his scoring prowess overseas. Other teams were in on him a year ago, and there might be a better fit with another NHL organization (say Detroit). If true, I’m sorry to see him go back across the Atlantic.

  2. I liked his speed, but he didn’t finish. He made it hard for the visitors to get through the neutral zone.
    He reminded me of that forward that came down from Nashville about 2 years ago. He hurt his knee, rehabbed here and re-injured the knee in his “last” Admirals game.

  3. adsfan: Are we talking about Stålberg? Because that was last season. …otherwise my brain is so scrambled after tonight’s second period in Chicago I forget what anything is anymore.

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