Juuse Saros Reassigned to Milwaukee

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)
“What’s that? Juuse I’m heading back to Milwaukee? OK.” (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Right on the footsteps of the Victor Bartley clearing waivers news this morning comes the news that he won’t be traveling to Milwaukee alone. The Nashville Predators have reassigned goaltender Juuse Saros to the Milwaukee Admirals while Brandon Whitney goes back to the Cincinnati Cyclones on loan assignment from the Admirals.

Saros made his NHL debut starting in net for the Predators in front of the home town crowd in Nashville. Sadly for him, his personal seven-game winning streak took a dent right around when Viktor Arvidsson was slapped with a crosschecking major and a game misconduct. The Buffalo Sabres would score twice on the power-play from that major penalty and that would be all that they needed. Saros stopped 20/23 shots on goal in the game.

I would imagine the fact that Whitney is en route to Cincinnati says that Carter Hutton is fully fit and there is no quick swap to bring Marek Mazanec up in Saros’ place. In the end, this quick cup of coffee in the NHL is a real nice way to give the young Finn a glimpse of things to come and to see what he’s working towards. You always hear ATO type signings that join the Admirals towards the end of a season say at the start of next season how beneficial that brief welcoming period is. It might have only been one-day and one-game but I believe that it still takes a big weight off Saros’ mind when the time comes for him to go up next time around. It was great for him to make his NHL debut. It wasn’t the result he’d probably have wanted but the experience sets him up nicely in the future.

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