Chatterbox, Vol. 95

(Photo Credit: Stephanie Moebius)
Net. What are you doing? Net? STAHP! (Photo Credit: Stephanie Moebius)

Where do we even begin when talking about last night’s Milwaukee Admirals game? What’s funny about that opening line is that I’ve said as much during the franchise best ten-game winning streak. It was being asked with a positive connotation about it. Here? After last night’s game? There is nothing positive about it. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Even the on-ice projections last night weren’t right.

For me last night was an almost alien experience in comparison to how the Admirals winning-streak played out. They were able to adjust with so many different playing styles on the go and battled to earn the result. That was nowhere to be found in last night’s game. They were thoroughly dominated from the opening puck drop all the way to the final horn sounding. The result, Grand Rapids Griffins winning a 6-0 shutout, speaks for itself. It was ugly.

I could tap into multiple points of interest/disgust that took place in the game. Why not? I pointed out so many of the positives when the Admirals were winning, right? The reality is there were so many problems that it would be like doing my mid-season or end-season Report Card having to evaluate each and every player. Because make no mistakes about it that entire team was responsible for that loss.

Sure, some Admirals players had a worse night than others but I think the root if it is a simple one. The Griffins were a team that played sound, structured, desperate, veteran style hockey. And the Admirals were none of those things. I would go as far as to say the Admirals played defeated after allowing the power-play goal that capped off the first period and coming up blank with a power-play of their own early in the second period. You couldn’t sum that up any better than Louis-Marc Aubry scoring with 0.6 seconds left in the game. One team was playing until the absolute final second to ensure they played a full sixty-minute game. The other team couldn’t be bothered. They were broken without an attempt to fix anything.

That brings me to the question that I posed to Milwaukee Admirals head coach Dean Evason and a few of the players. Do you write last night’s game off completely and look to continue winning ways against the Rockford IceHogs? Or, do you take a thrashing like that and attempt to really understand how you were so soundly defeated?

With so little time to actually chomp through all that failure sandwich I’m guessing the thought process for tonight will be to stay true to the process, get back to playing as a team, compete for every shift, and play Admirals hockey. You won’t get further than last night staying in last night’s miseries so why not remember what put yourself on a franchise record ten game-winning streak in the first place?

I don’t think I have ever been so giddy to see the IceHogs roll into town in my entire life. It has nothing to do with them, a potential bench clearing brawl, a past bench clearing brawl, or that the last game we played against them was some sort of a barn burner – because it wasn’t. This is purely excitement down to the fact that the Admirals don’t have to let last night’s game fester for an extended period of time. The Admirals can get right back to winning ways inside a twenty-four hour window. Don’t get lost in the wrongs of last night. Get prepared for what can go right tonight. That’s the attitude the Admirals need to have and the quick turn-around sure makes it easier to tap into.


After the game I did speak with the Admirals head coach. I also chatted with Conor Allen, Félix Girard, and Max Reinhart. Here is what they had to say after last night’s game.

Comments on the comments? What stood out the most to you in last night’s defeat? Is there really a cause for concern after winning ten straight games and losing one game in that style?

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