Summer Ramblings, Vol. 33

(Photo Credit: Tampa Bay Lightning)
Brandon Whitney already has a Milwaukee Admirals mask complete with the new logos and colors. Your move, Juuse Saros and Marek Mazanec. (Photo Credit: Tampa Bay Lightning)

Huzzah! Hockey is back, everyone. This weekend was the start of the Nashville Predators participation in the 2015 Rookie Tournament. The Predators prospects played Saturday and Sunday and have come away with a 5-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning’s prospects and a 5-2 win over the Florida Panther’s prospects.

~2015 Rookie Tournament~

I was able to watch the Saturday night contest in full and, while the 5-1 loss looks bad on paper, there were lots of positive performances. Juuse Saros was in net for half the game and looked good in net. Brandon Whitney entered mid-way through the second period and also put in a solid effort despite conceding four goals. Kevin Fiala scored the lone goal for the Predators prospects in the game and appeared primed to earn a place on the Predators opening day roster. He looks a bit bigger on the ice, plays so smoothly with the puck, and showed some feistiness by getting into a post-whistle scrum and drawing a penalty.

(Photo Credit: Florida Panthers Twitter)
(Photo Credit: Florida Panthers Twitter)

It seems fitting to save more of the praise for the second outing for the Preds prospects who played Sunday because the 5-2 scoreline says enough. Pontus Åberg scored a gritty goal playing tight to the net looking for and cashing in on a rebound opportunity. Garrett Noonan blasted in a power-play goal from the center point while quarterbacking the power-play unit. Viktor Arvidsson whistled in a wrister. And then Yakov Trenin and Vladislav Kamenev both scored five-on-three power-play goals. Brilliant stuff from several lads that even included a scrap from Aaron Irving.

Small sample size but each game had it’s standout performer I feel. Fiala was a lot of fun to watch in the first game for Nashville. He seems to have filled into his frame that little bit more and when he was on the ice you could just see a talent difference – not too dissimilar to last year’s Rookie Tournament whenever Filip Forsberg took a shift. As good as Fiala looked Saturday he was one-upped the next day by Arvidsson. The Swede factored into the Preds first three goals and was a constant buzzing threat on the ice.

Small Note: Eric Robinson participated in the earlier Summer Rookie Development Camp in Nashville and has played in this Rookie Tournament as well. Curious about his contract status with the Predators? Right now Robinson is on a PTO with the organization after completing his ATO out of Dartmouth College last season with the Admirals. I’m assuming if an NHL entry level contract or two-way contract doesn’t get hammered out by the Predators then it’ll be the Admirals signing him to an AHL deal for this coming season. It all depends on how he performs ahead of the season.

The final contest of the 2015 Rookie Tournament will be in the early going’s of tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM. Don’t have a work meeting at that time? Don’t have a morning class you need to attend? Well, good news! The Tampa Bay Lightning have been streaming the tournament live on their website for free. You can dial up the feed here come puck drop tomorrow morning and tune in to see the Preds battle the the prospects of the Washington Capitals. I can’t applaud the Lightning enough for being so kind as to get a live feed of these games up for all to see.

~Musical Question~

This is more of an amusing question that I thought I would throw back to you fans more than anything and it is this. What do you think about the music that is played at Admirals games, what are your likes and dislikes, and what would you change or add if you could?

I’m simply asking that for the fun of it. I happen to sit next to the maestro that coordinates the tunes at Admirals games and have had a few requests added to the rotation in the time I’ve been with Roundtable. Last season in particular saw The Durango Riot get plopped into the mix as well as Kevin Owens or The Ascension‘s theme songs blast out during tilts on the ice. As for the random goal song change that lasted all of some.. one or two games.. that was a call made from the locker room, actually. That same mentality bleeds out into the pre-game skate tunes you hear from 6:30-6:45 PM as well most game nights.

So, what sort of music would you want to either hear or hear more of? Personally, I’d love to hear some Guns N’ Roses this season.

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10 thoughts on “Summer Ramblings, Vol. 33”

  1. Good to hear the youngsters are having a nice time in their tournament. Hopefully Robinson gets a contract, I’d love to see Big Dog back with the Ads this year. As far as music, during the games everything is kosher, it’s the opening music i didn’t care for much. The lul you to sleep Rhianna or whoever it was. It’s hockey i want something loud in your face and gets you pumped up. My suggestion (and they’ll never do it) would be Devildriver’s “The Appetite” if you listen it’s really good. I know heavy metal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But i could see during the lyrics, “take the gloves off take your life your hands”, a montage of Admirals fights.

  2. We need more rock, less pop. With a bit harder edge we should be shipping up to boston for introductions and ringing Hells bells at puck drop, would like to see the 90’s train horn goal horn make a comeback. Was way cooler than the boat horn everyone uses. Think we should add the siren to end the period Ala boston and Montreal. For a goal song I’d crank pit bull don’t stop the party but I’d start it 15 sec in or dare I say it chelsea dagger. It is so damn catchy. Would like to hear the beginning of killing in the name for a key face off, smiling for a fight for fights, radioactive during the game, seven nation army, for a sing along maybe aha with take on me. Would love rob zombie American band but start it 35 seconds in. Would also like the Russian organ music back.

  3. Run This Town by RiRi is synonymous with Admirals hockey now to me. I can’t listen to it without getting the chills and thinking about gametime. I hope they don’t give it the axe!

  4. I do think welcome to the jungle would be good. And when they show a montage of females on the scoreboard, I’d rather hear girls, girls, girls than some breathy pop. Would also welcome dr feel good if we are going with Oldies, yes it is now oldies!

  5. I’m with ToastedWholeGrain that Run This Town song is a bit eerie and set the mood for a bunch of dead sailors to hit the ice.

  6. Run this Town is dumb. Didn’t like it the first time. Still don’t like it.

    PS: Saros has a new mask. It takes time to paint masks. You can’t buy them at Masks R Us.

  7. I was never big on the “Run This Town” intro either. Even less when it randomly split into a country song. It was an upgrade to the previous intro but only by so much. Because that’s something handled by the Bradley Center I anticipate something brand new for this season. Hopefully it’s rock heavy to complement the more intimidating logo.

    And, YES! Juuse Saros just received his new mask done by DaveART. Been all over that today. The artist David Gunnarsson started working on it in mid-August. Gives you an idea of the time frame an artist of his quality can take to complete a mask before shipping it to Saros.

  8. Brandon Whitney’s helmet was clearly not done by DaveArt. Dude looks like he has a dead turkey on his forehead. May want to get that touched up a bit.

  9. ImNotBrandonWhitney of Nope. Not sure where he got his mask done but it wasn’t from DaveART. Sad, too. Rob Madore’s Admirals mask last season wasn’t made by DaveART but it looked sharp and had a blue/chrome cage. Perhaps after this season Maz, Saros,and friends can give him in touch with Mr. Gunnarsson.

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