Summer Ramblings, Vol. 31

(Photo Credit: LiPo Ching // Bay Area News Group)
When the AHL schedule was released these guys of the Pacific Division took some heat in some of the comments I read. I can’t say that I blame you. (Photo Credit: LiPo Ching // Bay Area News Group)

How much longer until you get to see the Milwaukee Admirals in action? The pre-season game at the MSOE Kern Center is 32 days away. The season opener is 40 days away. And the home opener is 46 days away. Soon, folks. Very soon. In fact, there are players already trickling into Nashville. Which sounds about right considering Rookie Camp and the Rookie Tournament begin in just about a week and a half. That will be a great time as plenty of familiar faces meet back up, the new blood gets to know their surroundings, and Dean Evason should get some ideas as to who he sees being impactful for him this season.

~Uniform Debut~

The new Milwaukee Admirals uniforms made their on-ice debut recently courtesy of the Junior Admirals.

The uniforms and new look already won me over. Seeing them on the ice like this, especially given that the all navy road setup was the one I was a little iffy on, I’m completely sold on the re-design. It just looks sharp. Cheers to Eddie MacDonald for the photography seen above. You can follow the Junior Admirals on Twitter and via their website as well.

~Rumor Mill~

Per NBC Sports, it sounds like the Buffalo Sabres are interested in signing former Milwaukee Admirals and Nashville Predators defenseman Cody Franson. The short and sweet of it: acquiring him from Toronto last season didn’t work for Nashville. Actually, the fact that he remains a free agent probably says enough about how that spell really hit Franson. Buffalo is in a revival period and it might be a good landing spot for him.

~Roundtable Mail Bag~

As if you couldn’t tell, these Ramblings have shortened and shortened the longer summer has dragged on. The good news? The season is almost here. The bad news? It still isn’t.. really. What I would love to do for next week is feature a mail bag of any and all questions you might happen to have related to the Admirals, Predators, or even Cyclones. I’m up to the task of rounding them up and answering them. Have questions? Ask them all! Want to say something snarky about the Pacific Division? Me too! I’m here to hear you out.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Ramblings, Vol. 31”

  1. Are you still taking questions for the mailbag? If so, please ask Greenberg if we will continue to wear the brewers patch on our jerseys! That will put them over the top amazing for me. (I don’t see why we wouldn’t, just want assurance) Thanks DL!

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