Best Goal of the 2014-15 Season

(Photo Credit: Jeff Hanisch)
Kevin Fiala had some flashy moments in his introduction to North America. Including one of the best goals of the season when he carved up the Texas Stars. (Photo Credit: Jeff Hanisch)

We all probably should have expected this season to feature some flashy goals. There were after all some fresh new forward talents added to the Milwaukee Admirals and the skill level they provided were evident on night number one of the regular season when plenty of them made a pleasant goal scoring introduction.

A question I had after the Admirals 2014-15 season opener was whether or not the fans were just given the goal of the season on game one. As it turns out, there were a few more beauties scored that were either right up there or better than that. And, push comes to shove, I need to tip my cap to the human highlight reel that was Viktor Arvidsson‘s sick backhander scored on January 10, 2015 in a 5-0 shutout at home over the Charlotte Checkers.

The sheer ability on display from Arvidsson on that play is outrageous. Speed, strength, hands, shot, and even the celebration. The Swede had a few dandies this season but this one just tops them all in my book.

There of course were some other ones right up there at the top of my list that were so good I needed to name them out ahead of the mentions section: Pontus Åberg‘s stunning goal scored on opening night (video), Kevin Fiala‘s brilliant individual effort to beat Jamie Oleksiak and then Jack Campbell (video), and Brendan Leipsic creating a turnover and then dipsy doodling in on goal to finish it all off (video). The difference between any of those taking my nod for best goal of the season isn’t that big. All of those were phenomenal goals.

Honorable Mentions, in order of the date in which the occurred: Pontus Åberg (video), Viktor Arvidsson’s second tally on his first North American hat trick (video), Pontus Åberg (video), Viktor Arvidsson (video), Viktor Arvidsson imitates Pontus Åberg’s home opener goal (video), Colton Sissons (video), and Kevin Fiala (video).

If you were wondering what the best assist of the Admirals past season was… I did come up with a winner in that department also. Åberg’s ridiculous no look feed from center to left wing to tee up the on-rushing Joe Pendenza for a goal.

I still have no idea how Åberg knew Pendenza was where he was on the ice, how he knew he was skating as fast as he was, and how Åberg managed to take all those into account to put a pass on Pendenza’s tape… but he did. And it was a thing of beauty.

Which goal do you think was the best goal scored by the Admirals this season? Who had the flashiest portfolio of goals: Arvidsson, Åberg, or Fiala?

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6 thoughts on “Best Goal of the 2014-15 Season”

  1. TWG: Even talking to Stålberg after the game he said he didn’t get a shot off. He lost the puck off his stick as he got to the net. Exciting moment? Yes. Skill goal? No… but I suspect it’ll crop up tomorrow. :)

  2. My vote would either be for Aberg’s opening game heroics, or Fiala’s coming out party against Texas. His GWG in OT vs. Lake Erie was pretty special too, especially with his talking garbage after it. Lots of great goal this season. Too bad Milwaukee didn’t find a few more during the stretch run.

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