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(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)
The year may not have ended the way it started but that didn’t stop the Milwaukee Admirals from taking to center ice to salute the fans in their last home game of the season on Friday night. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

The Milwaukee Admirals 2014-15 season officially came to a close this weekend. While it is sad that playoff hockey will not be happening it was a year of learning and growing that I feel can be a big boost for so many players on the Admirals team moving forward. There will be some departures from this year to next year, sure, but there will also be plenty of returning faces. I think the nucleus that returns will be stronger and smarter thanks to the ups and downs of this past season. And that makes me optimistic and excited about what could be in-store for the team later this fall.

I want to thank all of you great fans who have taken the time to make what I get to do so much fun. This was my second season operating Admirals Roundtable and third season following the Milwaukee Admirals from up close. To share my passion for this sport and team with fellow fans has been so fantastic. I love that this community that I’m part of is as savvy and hilarious as it is. It makes doing what I do that much more rewarding.

Get ready for a long list because there are some specific people I would like to thank for their contributions and comradery this season: Charlie Larson of the Admirals front office for taking time out to help set up interviews with coaches and players throughout this season. Aaron Sims for always being there to provide his help on plays or notes from the road while also being the brilliant broadcaster that he is (if you haven’t liked the “Admirals Center Ice” Facebook page please do). Dave Boehler (did you know he has a blog?) for once again being my pal up on press row this season and for all the banter we’ve had. Mario Tirabassi for being a great addition to Admirals media scrums this season. Jason Karnosky for his contributions to Admirals Roundtable throughout the season. Nashville friends such as Justin Bradford, Kristopher Martel, Robby Stanley, and Jeremy K. Gover for laughs and insight of all things Predators this season. The people of Predlines (Mark Carson Harris and Cutler Klein) for allowing me to chip in there earlier this season and chat Admirals hockey. Fellow AHL Bloggers Stephen Meserve of 100 Degree Hockey and Jack of Comets Army for their contributions to “Scouting the Enemy” this season. And, most importantly to me, my family and friends for all their love and support as I continue living out my dream covering a hockey club such as the Admirals.

Lastly, because some confessed as being readers this season, a massive thank you to all players of the Milwaukee Admirals this season. I can’t say enough of how much I appreciate the time you’ve taken out after a game, practice, or pre-game session of two touch soccer to have conversations with me. Thanks for your time, honesty, the laughs, and incredible work on and off the ice this season.

What’s on tap for Admirals Roundtable now that the season is over? Plenty. In the immediate future there will be a new feature story up Monday morning and then a decent amount of season recap material in the days after. I also plan to keep you all up to date with 2015 Calder Cup Playoff news as things move along. When off-season moves come I’ll be right back at it to provide the updates, as well. I plan on keeping things continuously moving still. So keep staying tuned and adding your commentary.

Again, thank you all so much your contributions as readers to Admirals Roundtable. This website is here because of fans and continues to exist because of you fans. Thanks for making this yet another great year for myself following the Milwaukee Admirals and being able to write, report, and be the dork that I am. Cheers.

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5 thoughts on “Thanks From Admirals Roundtable”

  1. Thank you for all your insight on hockey and the Admirals. This is a nice way to keep in touch with what’s going on in our little hockey town. I can’t wait to see who’s back next season…only 6 months away!!!

  2. A major thank you for all that you do! And for allowing us fans to have a place to go and express our thoughts and questions! This is the only place i go to get info on the team and recaps. While the season fell to the ground faster than the lady’s onion rings did at last nights game (10 secs in a check in the glass and boom onion rings all over the Allstate floor) it was a real roller coaster ride and like you mentioned a hopeful learning experience. Thanks again for all your hard work, stories, reports, recaps, tweets and comments!!!

  3. Right on. Daniel you are a true asset to this forum. It’s a good chance for the fans to express their own viewpoints.
    Keep up the good work.

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