The Chatterbox, Vol. 80

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)
Good Guy Joe Piskula always smiling for ceremonial puck drops. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Last night was the final home game of the Milwaukee Admirals 2014-15 season and, sadly, it ended the way so many games have lately. I think the single most frustrating thing with this late season tailspin has been that there are many positives done in-game by the team but a few bad breaks or bounces have gone against them. For all the positives mustered up they are nullified thanks to the result and rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. It has been a never ending cycle which will hopefully end with one last hurrah before the season officially ends.

When looking back on last night’s 3-2 overtime loss to the Toronto Marlies the third period was everything. How much different is that game if the Admirals can gain a two-goal cushion in the third period rather than get back into the nervous cycle of holding to a one-goal lead? It’s happened so often late this season where that has taken place and the Admirals lose out on a regulation win because they can’t get that extra goal to take some tension out of the group.

Instead of that insurance goal for the Admirals there was an equalizer for the Marlies. I’m not even going to lie to you folks. When that goal happened my first reaction was, “why is the goal light on?” I was certain the puck landed on the side netting and Magnus Hellberg was just gloving it down. Nope. Perhaps any other season that’s the case but not this one. That flukey shot went in off of Hellberg on the near post where there was almost zero space for a puck to go in… almost zero space.

What more can you say? The end to this season has been full of games like last night. It’s been wild. It really has been. That’s not to say that the negatives completely stain the positives this season but it always comes back to the results. The Admirals went 16-16-2-4 on home ice this season. Only the Norfolk Admirals, Bridgeport Sound Tigers, and Iowa Wild were worse at home this season. The 38 points on home ice this season for Milwaukee was down 15 points from last season alone. When you have as many regulation defeats as you do wins at home? That’s never acceptable. I think the entire team is fully aware of that and that’s why my hopes for next season are high for a big turn-around.

After the game ended I did my darndest to get interviews before the deafening sound of Slaughter and Great White took to the stage. I’m not sure if the audio on my recorder came off poorly or if I’m just bad of hearing from the concert while editing the audio. I spoke with Dean Evason, Rich Clune, Anthony Bitetto, and was lucky enough to snag Brendan Leipsic before he and the Marlies took to the road. Here is what they all had to say after the game.

Dean Evason on what happened to the Admirals late this season:

Evason responds to February 15th again:

Evason’s thoughts on the Ads not gaining a two-goal cushion:

Evason on the Marlies equalizer scored in the third period:

Evason’s thought process on the lineup and minutes distribution:

Rich Clune’s thoughts on the Admirals topsy-turvy season:

Clune talks about the Admirals shortcomings in the season:

Anthony Bitetto talks about the game and season:

Bitetto on playing against Leipsic:

Bitetto’s thoughts on staying ready if Nashville still needs his services:

Brendan Leipsic on returning to Milwaukee:

Leipsic on battling against his ol’ teammates:

Leipsic talks about his experience since joining Toronto:

Comments on the comments? What do you think in regards to Clune’s comment on the work by the coaching staff this season? Is the most frustrating part about the Admirals finish to the season that they were a few positive bounces or breaks from wins rather than defeats?

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2 thoughts on “The Chatterbox, Vol. 80”

  1. People can complain about Evason all they want on here… in fact I’ll completely agree that it seems like Evason didn’t adjust a lot throughout the year. Our PP unit never clicked after starting out decent, and the system never changed. With that said… listen to Clune’s words about the coaching staff. I wasn’t there in person, but it sure sounded like he was being completely sincere in what he said about the staff and wasn’t just saying the “right thing.”

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