The Milwaukee Admirals Playoff Streak Is Over

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)
The 2014-15 Milwaukee Admirals season will end Saturday night. There will be no playoff hockey in Milwaukee for the first time in thirteen years. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

The Milwaukee Admirals consecutive playoff appearances streak will stop at twelve after the Toronto Marlies defeated the Iowa Wild by the final score of 5-2 tonight. It is the first time since the Admirals inaugural season in the American Hockey League that they will not be in the playoffs.

It has been a wild season of ups and downs for the 2014-15 Admirals. They’ve been on top of the Western Conference and the Midwest Division at different points this season. The team set a franchise record for their best ever start to a season with a six-game winning streak out the gate. December saw a rough patch but then in January the Admirals were riding on a serious high note that saw them set a franchise record nine-game winning streak before everything started to trend downward in February until this exact moment in time. There will not be playoff hockey in Milwaukee for the first time since the 2001-02 season.

While this is by every means a downer I would like to point everyone’s attention to the 2015-16 season. The learning process of this past campaign should pay huge dividends moving forward. While some faces involved with the team could be moving on there will be more than enough returning faces that should return with massive chips on their shoulders. I always like to personalize situations like this by my own experiences. I am in no way the person that I am today without the mistakes I’ve made and the lessons that I’ve learned from them. There has been plenty of mistakes made this season from veteran and young players alike. All are learning. And all should turn up for the better thanks to the trials and tribulations that this season has provided.

Friday night will be the last home game of the season. Saturday night in Rosemont will be the last game of the season. The pressure and crippling feel of the playoffs slipping through everyone’s fingers will be gone and the team will have something entirely new to play for: respect. The Admirals will be facing the team that has just eliminated them from playoff contention this season on Friday. I would anticipate that being a statement game from the Admirals right back at the Marlies. In addition, the Admirals saw their end of the season head-to-head with the Chicago Wolves as a playoff series to see who would get in. That has already been decided as well, but the Amtrak Rivalry remains and there will need to be one last hurrah from a group looking to leave 2014-15 on a positive note.

Monday will see Admirals Roundtable “Season in Review” content starting up. That makes me sad. What doesn’t make me sad is how truly remarkable the relationship of the Nashville Predators and Milwaukee Admirals has been and the success that it has provided the Admirals over these twelve straight playoff seasons. So many teams have come and gone. So many NHL teams have changed AHL affiliations. Yet it has been the same ol’ same ol’ here in Milwaukee. One season without playoff hockey hasn’t made this year a failure. What would make this past season a failure would be if it is brushed aside and the hardships are forgotten. The success of the past shouldn’t be taken for granted and, just as importantly, nor should the failures. Because it is the ability to overcome failures that can truly define both individuals and an organization.

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10 thoughts on “The Milwaukee Admirals Playoff Streak Is Over”

  1. Remember all contracts can be broken…. First Milwaukee needs a new coach. There will be coaches fired through the near future. Next don’t rest on the assumption we have a binding deal with Nashville.

  2. While no minor league team has a binding deal, for now the Admirals still have a contract with Nashville. How ever I don’t know how much time is left on the contract. I don’t think there needs to be a coaching change. I don’t know how much some of the lapses is due to coaching. At times the team was great. A streak at the start of the season and then one in the middle. However there were some bad losing streaks. I would have to look back but I am guessing there were games that should have been won in those streaks. Two games stand out to me. One was the game the Ads blew a game when they were ahead by one with less than a second to go allowing the other team to tie the game. The other was against the Rampage (i think). where they blew a 3-0 lead going into the third period. You just can’t blow those types of games. I don’t care how young you are. Every team in the league is young as it is a developmental league.

  3. Sorry Sanford but this coaching staff in MKE needs retooling. Ppl all season was awful and the pk yielded tons of shorthand goals. Aside from those glaring issues Dean never really made adjustments in game. No changing of defensive and neutral zone strategy, continued lack of detail from players in those aspects are reflection of your leadership group. He showed little fire just chewing gum and complaining about penalties, some merited some not. A big example of good coach vs bad was in the 8-4 gut punch to Chicago. Before we yanked the goalie we had a little bit of a buz going on in the attack zone and a wolves player made bad pass that led to premium chance for us but the puck was saved. As the wolves changed players during the stoppage i saw Coach Anderson for Chicago chewing this guy out like he just blew the game. He obviously didn’t and Chicago dumped a few more empty netters to win. Meanwhile on our bench flys were buzzing around our stinky play and Evanson only showed urgency when we were down 3 with 1:45 to go, why? He did again this last game vs Chicago called the timeout way to late and tried drawing up some sort of 3pt play. He seems inept and disconnected from the players. I saw this team playing bad early this year but we were winning so nothing was adjusted or corrected.

  4. Worse coach possible. We had a great mix of new players along with older players. Should have been a good year. Bad leadership all the way around. Agree with frontrowjon.

  5. Many of the problems started with the trade of Leipsic. Nashville got two players back they let move on.
    The Predators mortgaged the future to win this year. Not only is a talented prospect gone in Leipsic but a first round pick.
    Good luck to Nashville in the playoffs and I hope that they win the Stanley Cup, because with poor decisions and trades that send young talent away it will be a good long time before they get back.

  6. Thank you mgb I’ve been saying that since it happened. The sad part is if Nashville actually got a game changer in return it’d be a solid deal for them. Nothing against Franson n Santorelli but if that’s your big move you got another thing coming. Franson is almost a guarantee walk after the season why would he want to play the least amount of mins? Mike may stay but still unless they get the cup (hint: they don’t) the trade was super foolish. Toronto had to be pissing their pants laughing after making the deal. It’s like in the video game when the computer says “i almost feel guilty doing this deal but i have to”

  7. Wow. Some of these comments here… Leipsic is a great prospect and very well may have a long and prosperous NHL career ahead of him but right now he’s just a prospect. Nashville has many prospects in their system and they can’t keep all of them. At the time of the trade, Franson was playing well in Toronto and was expected to continue that in Nashville. No one would have predicted he would come into Nashville and not play as well. That’s why his minutes are down (well in addition to being a bottom pair on a stocked defensive team). For a team that’s making a deep run at the cup, Leipsic serves no purpose. Franson and Santorelli do. They bring NHL experience to the table, as well as round out the roster.

    Reading some of the comments from Toronto fans regarding the Franson/Santorelli trade, many thought they didn’t get enough, or were just unhappy with the ultimate outcome.

    And to say the Preds mortgaged the future with this trade… they gave up one prospect and one first round draft pick which will (most likely) be towards the bottom of the pack. They still have one pick in every other round, as well as an additional fourth round pick. (Source:

    I know people may be frustrated that the Admirals didn’t make the playoffs but really… calm down! The team will be just fine in the future.

  8. Evason has to go.

    The Leipsic trade was “the dagger!”. Look at the record after the deal.

  9. I guess I’m one of the few people agreeing with Steve C. I don’t think you can lay this all on Evason. I’m not going to rehash all his points as I think they are good ones, but did want to mention that there’s someone out there who agrees with his point of view.

    I do agree that losing Leipsic did hurt the Ads. He was a great set up man as evidenced by his number of assists. Such is the life on an AHL team, though. You have to expect that kind of stuff at any time.

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