Admiral of the Month: March

Colton Sissons has become the first member of the Milwaukee Admirals to win our “Admiral of the Month” award twice this season. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

As you might expect, when the Admirals have a month as rough as they just did it’s not quite easy to think of top performing anything. The Admirals went 3-8-3-1 in March. During that time I would go as far to say each phase of the Admirals at some point had their time in the spotlight for a negative reason. Still, there have been some players that have persevered and continued producing through what has been one of the roughest months of the Admirals 2014-15 season. My choice for the Admiral of the Month of March came down to two players yesterday. And I’ve decided on Colton Sissons.

Sissons played in all fifteen games in the month of March for the Admirals and he tallied 9 points (4 goals, 5 assists). His sophomore season may not have been all that he’d have liked it to have been but I feel since the turn of the calendar he’s looked far more like he did last season while also bringing a feistier style to his game. He has been consistently playing as the Admirals top center during the past few weeks and has remained so with bits and pieces changing around him. To me, his play has been one of the few consistencies in a month of complete and utter confusion.

The other man that I really thought about for the Admiral of the Month award for March was Austin Watson. He, like Sissons, has also been a really reliable player this month and has done it in a center or wing capacity. Watson played all fifteen games in March and recorded 9 points (5 goals, 4 assists).

Other Admirals in March: Joe Pendenza, 8 points (3 goals, 5 assists)… Viktor Arvidsson, 8 points 92 goals, 6 assists) Pontus Åberg, 6 points (1 goal, 5 assists)… Kevin Fiala, 5 points (3 goals, 2 assists)… Mark Van Guilder, 5 points (3 goals, 2 assists)… Triston Grant, 5 points (1 goal, 4 assists)… Joe Piskula, the only Admiral in the month of March who has a positive plus/minus with a +2 rating.

~Admiral of the Month Award~

October: Brendan Leipsic
November: Magnus Hellberg
December: Marek Mazanec
January: Viktor Arvidsson
February: Colton Sissons
March: Colton Sissons

Who was your pick for the top performing Admiral in the month of March? Please write a comment down below as to who and why.

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One thought on “Admiral of the Month: March”

  1. Ford skating much better, even though we are losing, I see a tighter group since his return

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