The Chatterbox, Vol. 71

(Photo Credit: Jeff Hanisch)
This is what Chris Bruton looked like after fighting Triston Grant. How Bruton looked is also how we all felt inside after the game ended. (Photo Credit: Jeff Hanisch)

What can you say? The Grand Rapids Griffins storm rolled the Milwaukee Admirals last night in a 4-0 shutout. It felt like the Griffins had the game on cruise control for the better majority of the contest. There was about a ten minute or less spell for the Admirals to close the second period. The game was 1-0 at that time. Instead of carrying their first whisper of momentum into the third the Griffins took hold of the game and never let go.

At the start of the season the Admirals played a speed and stretch pass game which had them beating teams almost on skill alone. When the rest of the league wised up in December it hit them hard. What followed was January’s “play the right way” campaign and things really appeared to not only be trending upwards for the Admirals but looked as if that’s the type team balance that should be expected moving forward.

February’s slate of games ended with the shutout loss to Grand Rapids last night. The final mark established in the month for the Admirals was 4-4-2-1. They’ve recorded only a single win from their last seven games and of those losses four came in regulation including the last two straight on home ice.

It’s hard to determine what the problem is but it’s easy enough to through darts at the idea board. For example, having the amount of injuries, call ups, PTO signings, etc can’t be the most ideal scenario for a team to get on or maintain any sort of groove. That being said, those moves and injury problems were really targeted at the defense. It’s the offense that has had its share of hot and cold performances in February. At the start of this month there was a three-game winning streak where the Admirals posted a grand total of seventeen goals. This current four-game losing streak that the Admirals are on? Twelve goals.

You certainly prefer to go through stretches such as this now rather than playoff time. My line of thinking is that, with so many banged up parts getting back into the lineup, the Admirals are better suited to rebounding and getting back to their good vibes of “playing the right way” soon enough rather than sputtering again and again. If you look at what the month of March brings it’s a hefty chunk of games – specifically road games. The Admirals will be playing fifteen games – as opposed to the eleven games they had this month – and nine games of that grouping are all on the road – including a massive six game road trip.

After the game I was able to speak with Dean Evason and Triston Grant before Billy Currington exploded the stage with loud noises. Here is what both had to say following the shutout loss to Grand Rapids.

Dean Evason on what’s changed in the month of February:

Evason talks about yet another shorthanded goal allowed:

Evason on if the rest period hurt the team:

Evason describes Johan Alm‘s return to game action:

Evason talks about the team’s preparation for the game against Grand Rapids:

Triston Grant’s thoughts on the Admirals recent cold stretch:

Grant on the small brawl in the third period:

Grant speaks about rebounding with the upcoming set of games ahead for the Ads:

Comments on the comments? What would you do to resolve the Admirals current fluctuating performances and results? Is there any one particular thing standing out as a problem?

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3 thoughts on “The Chatterbox, Vol. 71”

  1. It’s a combination of all facets of the game. Ppl and pk aren’t getting enough done. Allowing as many shorthand goals as this team has is disturbing. With the players returning to the lineup from injury we may need to use Alm as the qb on ppl and ditect the puck towards the net for chip in opportunity. Taking shots and being hungry for the puck are areas as a team they need to get better as well. Another big crowd disappointer! At least the crowd will inflate our average per game number some more. I saw we sit at 16th overall not even 5k a game also is disappointing.

  2. Evason is the problem plain and simple. No defense is being played on the powerplay. No hustle or determination on the powerplay. This is hands down one of the most skilled teams in the AHL and we cant win games. Something has to change.

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