Want To Get Away? Admirals Drop Seventh Straight Game

Sad. So sad. It’s a sad, sad situation. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

The Admirals lost 3-1 against the Adirondack Flames Friday night to extend their losing streak to seven games. That mark is a franchise record for the Admirals during the AHL era of the team.

“It’s just frustrating,” said Milwaukee Admirals head coach Dean Evason. “Different ways we’re losing hockey games. I guess we have to be better. We can talk about our group being young and learning but we’re deep enough into the season that we should know what we’re doing.”

The Admirals first power-play chance on the night came in the second period and saw them spend 1:54 of the man-advantage in attack. Nothing came of that chance and they immediately paid for it with a power-play goal against. Ryan Culkin’s point shot took a deflection by Ben Hanowski en route to Marek Mazanec in goal. That goes down as Hanowski’s eleventh goal of the season.

With 1:31 remaining in the second period the Admirals leveled things up at 1-1. Felix Girard poked a puck from the side of the net and skipping around in front of Joni Ortio in net. Joe Pendenza managed to land a backhanded swipe at the hopping puck to tally his fourth goal of the season.

“It was just kind of a scramble out in front of the net,” said Joe Pendenza. “When you get into those situations you kind of start swinging and hope for the best. It was a little flutter shot that went in. We’ll take it.”

The Flames scored 2:25 into the third period to halt the Admirals momentum on the other side of the second intermission. It was nearly the exact same goal that was scored from their power-play. Corey Potter threw a puck on net from the right point and, between the circles, Turner Elson caught a big piece of the puck to score his third goal of the season on the redirected shot.

From that point forward the third period really flew by. With 2:03 remaining in regulation another kick in the gut play cost the Admirals a goal to make it 3-1. Garrett Noonan fumbled the puck and allowed Elson to pounce on him and score a breakaway with a backhander. He scored as many goals in the third period tonight as he had all season entering tonight’s game.

The Admirals dropped all five games and failed on all twenty power-play chances during this homestand. While the defense was hit and miss in front of good goaltending it’s the offense that has been stinging the hardest during this spell. This five game homestand saw four players score goals: Pendenza tonight, Pontus Aberg twice, Gaudreau twice, and Colton Sissons once. Six goals in five home games. Here’s hoping the upcoming four game road trip acts as the proverbial, “want to get away?”

Ramblings: Tonight’s scratches for the Admirals were Patrick Cehlin (healthy), Mike Liambas (shoulder), and Johan Alm (upper-body). This was Marek Mazanec’s first start in net in two games. Mazanec has lost his last three appearances.

Thoughts on tonight’s performance? Is this upcoming road trip the answer to all our problems? Is the problem with our offense that we’re being out-muscled and forced to outside shooting that gets blocked before the goalie even has to make a save? Can we start a therapy Admirals losing streak support group… because I need it.

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5 thoughts on “Want To Get Away? Admirals Drop Seventh Straight Game”

  1. Dean needs to go! His lackluster attitude reflects through his players. We weren’t winning the battles to the puck, nonchalantly going to icings! There needs to urgency and shots we shots! Look at the Flames 2nd goal a shot thats defdeflected in we worry about tight passes and getting it deep what about shooting when the lane is there? Not sure who the leaders on this team are but someone needs to pipe up, flip some tables something. Can’t keep watching this crappy play every night. This game was alot like our series vs Toronto last year, and what the coach do to change what we were doing? Nothing but chomping on gum, pathetic! We need to dump the puck to get past the defense in the neutral zone then have guys race for the puck but that never happened. ……

  2. Time to make some changes… Maybe bring Budish back up and a couple other guys from Cincy. Who knows if that’ll make any difference, but I’m being tired of watching crappy hockey!

  3. This dump & chase and lack of energy is awful. Frontrowjon, you may be on to much of what needs to change. First & foremost I think needs to happen can be phrased SHOOT THE BLANKING PUCK AT THE NET!!!! Stop all the fancy passing (where you loose the puck to the other team) and simply SHOOT THE PUCK!

  4. I agree with all three posts! Less passing in the O-zone. More traffic in front of the net and shoot the puck from the face off dots in. That is the Golden Triangle of scoring. I have seen overpassing and passing behind guys to take away potential quality shots. Take Arvidsson off the PP. Dump and chase is Curt Fraser hockey and it got him fired for the same playoff results as last year against Toronto. Don’t stop with the puck 6 feet inside the blue line, get it down to the hash marks or deeper before you make a backward pass! The Admirals cycled the puck at the start of the year, now you rarely see that.

    At the beginning of the season, we had a fast skating, hard checking powerhouse offense. Now we have a hard checking offense with a power outage and indifferent skating in general. Either the players no longer listen to the coach or the coach is telling them the wrong things to do. Either way a change needs to be made. The easy one is firing Evason. The hard one is getting the players back on the same page as the start of the season. One win in ten games is not enough!

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