The Chatterbox, Vol. 49

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus. Meme Edit: Daniel Lavender)
(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus. Meme Edit: Daniel Lavender)

There is simply no other way to say it. Last night was a dud. Alright, there are lots of ways to actually phrase it. Clunker. Stinker. The only way I could describe to someone what it was like watching last night’s game was that it was how I felt the one and only time I ever watched the movie, “A Serbian Film,” for a Controversial Cinema class in college. I didn’t know what I was watching. I just knew that it was wrong and not good.

The optimist in me will say this though. Hockey has a very long season and games like this happen to the best of them. Some nights you flat out have nothing. That was the Milwaukee Admirals last night and they had that performance against one of the best teams in the AHL this season. In truth, they may be fortunate to have escaped last night’s game at a 4-0 final.

What will be huge for the Admirals are three things. (1) Friday – a day to let that game sink in and work out the damage in practice. (2) Saturday – a quick game to get back into the swing of things. (3) Sunday – yet another home game to get back and rolling.

Plenty of mistakes and wrongs took place last night against the IceHogs. The ability to take games like last night and learn from them are the difference between good and bad teams. There is a lot to take in. And that one dud, clunker, stinker, “A Serbian Film,” might just be enough to get guys back to winning ways.

After the game I spoke with Dean Evason, Magnus Hellberg, Patrick Cehlin, and Mark Van Guilder. Here is what the team had to say following the shutout loss.

Dean Evason details the Admirals performance:

Evason on the Admirals poor start to the game:

Evason on the status of Rich Clune:

Evason talks about getting off on the wrong foot:

Evason discusses the rivalry with Rockford:

Evason’s assessment of Cehlin’s first game back:

Magnus Hellberg on what happened for the Admirals against Rockford:

Hellberg describes what happened on the opening goal against:

Hellberg on the defensive effort by the Admirals:

Hellberg talks about battling back on Saturday:

Patrick Cehlin on how he felt returning to the Admirals lineup:

Cehlin talks about what went wrong for the Admirals:

Cehlin on being able to return to the lineup in Milwaukee:

Mark Van Guilder’s comments on Rockford:

Van Guilder on the early penalty setting a tone for things to come:

Van Guilder talks about the limited chances on offense:

Van Guilder on dropping points to Rockford:

Van Guilder talks about rebounding this weekend:

Comments from the comments? Feel like Dean Evason summed things up well? Do you feel Magnus Hellberg is being a bit tough on himself when he took the blame for last night’s loss? What will a loss like this do for the Admirals moving forward? Is this going to hang over their heads or spur them forward?

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5 thoughts on “The Chatterbox, Vol. 49”

  1. I kind of wish they would’ve pulled Hellberg out during the 2nd intermission. Not that he wasn’t playing well but more so in order to preserve him for this weekend and hope that the 4 goals don’t get into his head.
    I really really dislike Rockford so to listen in and for it to sound like we weren’t digging it out in the corners and letting them set up shop in our zone was frustrating.
    @Dan plan on catching practice today? Would be interesting to know what Dean has in store for the boys.

  2. Blasted out of the gate to start the season. What changed? What destroyed the chemistry? Who had strong starts and how have they been encouraged and rewarded? Go back to the first weeks roster and lines.

  3. It seems like every time this team has a bit of a layoff they come back “FLAT” and not ready to play. Also disappointed at the low attendance this year….Cincinnati is even outdrawing us.

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