Wolves: Scouting the Enemy

Someone should tell Benn Ferriero that Colton Sissons has the puck. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Welp, it’s a rematch of the Amtrak Rivalry game held in Milwaukee this past Friday. The Admirals were able to get the better of the Wolves 3-2 (OT). Considering how close we are to that game. It’s worth rewinding some material to get a refresher course for this head-to-head:

This game comes after two-successive defeats for the Admirals. It’s only the second time this season that they have lost two-in-a-row. And their current record finds them exactly where they were prior to the losses: third in the Midwest Division and fifth in the Western Conference. In fact, they still have a better winning percentage (0.719) than the Wolves do (0.658).

~Huddle Up~

When reflecting back on the two losses for the Admirals this past weekend… 3-2 in Rockford… 2-1 (SO) in Iowa… you have to say that they didn’t really play all that bad.

The Admirals played speed for speed with the IceHogs and generated a season-high 40 shots on goal. The problem in that game was that Scott Darling was in net and made 38 saves.

Then, for the third straight time, the Iowa Wild took down the Admirals. The two played like you may expect from a pair of squads finishing three-in-three weekends. The play was sluggish. Passes weren’t connecting. And the finishing touch wasn’t there… until the final such and such minutes of the game, anyways.

If you’re thinking these two defeats should be concerning for the Ads. Don’t worry. Even in these losses there were positives. I don’t expect some sort of shake-up in lines or who is playing. It’s all a matter of taking it in stride and finding the back of the net.

~Since We Last Met~

The Wolves, like the Admirals, endured a three-in-three weekend. They followed up the OT defeat in Milwaukee with a 3-2 win against the Wild. The Sunday clash saw them go up against the IceHogs and get blanked by Mac Carruth in a 3-0 loss.

That Saturday game with Iowa, as is the case now-a-days, wasn’t easy. The Wolves overcame a 2-0 first period deficit to win that one. As for that top two of the Midwest battle… it would be a game like –that– that would frustrate me a whole lot more than what the Admirals went through. So many things were done right for the Wolves until… that final third of the ice. The goals for the IceHogs were very opportunistic. And the Wolves fell flat in a game they could have just as easily won.

Which team is going to get the rebound win tonight? Do you feel the Admirals should shuffle the forward or defensive lines? How about goaltending… Should Marek Mazanec be given the chance to play tonight’s game in light of Magnus Hellberg‘s first defeat of the season?

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3 thoughts on “Wolves: Scouting the Enemy”

  1. Let’s keep Hellberg in there now that he’s gotten a little rest. Dropping two and getting some rest I think the Ads are really going to get up for this one especially considering its a division rival and we’re playing at home. Would love to see them keep the pace up as they have in the previous games with plenty of shots but maybe with them now better placed and in a better position around the net to get 2nd and 3rd tries.

    Hoping to be there to night if the Mrs give me the ok. Let’s get 2 points and $2 beers!

  2. While intercepting enemy communications I can across some noise that Chicago will be without their starting goalie and some schmuck might be coming in with something of a .889 save percentage. Lets light ’em up!

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