The Chatterbox, Vol. 44

The Iowa Wild won in the first game under new head coach John Torchetti. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Is there something about the Iowa Wild playing in Milwaukee? The Wild have only won three times from thirteen games this season. Twice they’ve managed to come to Milwaukee and outwork the Admirals. Going back to last season, the Wild won only two games in the head-to-head with the Ads from ten games. Where did those two wins take place you ask? Milwaukee.

I want to say that this was more a matter of the Wild playing a desperate hockey game, looking to impress their new head coach John Torchetti, and keeping defensively structured to avoid the Admirals forward lines to get a head of stream brewing. The Ads lost the lead thirty-seconds in. And lost the lead just thirty-eight seconds after gaining it back through the Mike Liambas goal festival in the second period.

The game certainly wasn’t out of reach for the Admirals by any means tonight. But tip your cap to the Wild for battling hard against the Ads in their own barn yet again. There’s lots to gain from defeats. Plenty to study and improve upon. I view tonight’s loss for the Admirals as a potential plus for this weekend’s big two-in-two against the Rockford IceHogs. Dust this one off. Learn from it. And get back to winning hockey this weekend.

After the 3-2 defeat to the Wild – I had the chance to speak with Dean Evason, Mike Liambas, Brendan Leipsic, and Marek Mazanec. Here is what they had to say following Wednesday’s game.

Dean Evason on what’s changed from the two wins in Iowa to two losses in Milwaukee:

Evason talks about the momentum swings of the second period:

Evason on the late Ads penalty just as they were ready to empty the net:

Evason talks about the fast start from Iowa:

Evason on Mazanec’s night in net:

Evason talks about Pontus Aberg’s return to the Admiral lineup:

Evason on the difficult decision of who starts in goal for the Admirals:

Evason on the team wanting to log more games:

Evason’s thoughts on the upcoming weekend games with the Rockford IceHogs:

Mike Liambas talks about his two goal game:

Liambas breaks down his second goal of the game:

Liambas on getting to play with Rich Clune:

Liambas’ surprise of scoring two goals so quickly:

Liambas speaks about his line with Clune and Pendenza:

Brendan Leipsic on what was missing from the power-play:

Leipsic on trying to find that elusive first pro goal:

Leipsic talks about wanting less practice and more games:

Leipsic on facing the IceHogs twice this weekend:

Marek Mazanec on the Wild’s goal scored thirty-seconds in:

Mazanec on the quick onslaught of goals scored in the second period:

Mazanec talks about possible lag with so little game action recently:

Comments from the comments? Where did the Admirals lose out against the Wild? How do you expect the Admirals to play this weekend against the Rockford IceHogs? Expect a rebound performance or more of what we saw against the Wild?

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