The AHL’s New “Leggio” Rule

An overhead look at Bridgeport goaltender David Leggio, via The Hockey News

It’s official, the AHL now has a brand new “Leggio” rule in place to deter the manuever pulled by Bridgeport goaltender David Leggio. If such an instance were to occur again, the goaltender would get a game misconduct (resulting in an ejection of that player), with a penalty shot awarded to any player on the ice at the time for the opposing team.

Via The Hockey News:

On Thursday, the AHL announced a brand new rule change to prevent any further occurrences of this sort, instituting an automatic game misconduct for the offending goaltender and allowing for the opposing team to select any shooter from the ice to take the penalty shot on the replacement goaltender.

In case you missed the play, the Sound Tigers released a new camera angle showing Leggio’s clearly blatant dislodging of the net:

So Roundtable . . . What do you think of the conclusion of the Leggio saga? Should the AHL allowed more referee discretion on plays like this one to award a goal for the opposing team?

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2 thoughts on “The AHL’s New “Leggio” Rule”

  1. Jason, I half agree with you. The officials can’t award a goal if a shot hasn’t been taken. I think they got this right. Taking out the starting goaltender and putting in a cold backup to face a penalty shot is fair.

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