Marek Mazanec: By The Numbers

Marek Mazanec hasn’t just played two games in two days here at the AHL level. He’s also pulled the feat three times for the Nashville Predators. (Photo Credit: Frederick Breedon)

With the Milwaukee Admirals four games and four wins into the season there is plenty of positives worth pointing at. Brendan Leipsic has fit right into the team’s top two lines and leads the team in scoring with his six assists – four of which are primaries. Austin Watson, who had great success on the right wing late last season, has continued playing well in a wing capacity: 5 points (3 goals, 2 assists). Of the thirteen new faces into the team this season – eight of them have scored a point already.

Yet, for all that, what has intrigued me the most is the role of Marek Mazanec in the team’s opening four games. The Admirals played a two-in-two in each of the two weeks of AHL hockey so far. Rather than rotate the goalies in either of the fixtures the team has remained confident in the 23-year old Czech. This has left Magnus Hellberg in a position he became quite familiar with at the end of last season with the Cincinnati Cyclones: the bench.

When you look at the progress of Mazanec as the Admirals #1 choice goaltender it’s worth looking into scenarios such as the two-in-twos that the AHL delivers so often. To this point in his North American professional playing career he has played in twelve of these situations – one of which actually being a fully fledged AHL three-in-three. Here is how he has performed in those situations so far in his career when his named is called upon to handle back-to-back nights of netminding duty.

10/30/13, @ Charlotte Checkers
11/1/13, @ Charlotte Checkers

Game 1: W, 2 GA, 33 SV, 1.88 GAA, 0.943 SV%
Game 2: W, 2 GA, 28 SV, 2.00 GAA, 0.933 SV%

11/15/13, @ Pittsburgh Penguins
11/16/13, vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Game 1: L, 4 GA, 21 SV, 6.08 GAA, 0.840 SV%
Game 2: W, 2 GA, 39 SV, 2.00 GAA, 0.951 SV%

11/27/13, @ Columbus Blue Jackets
11/28/13, vs. Edmonton Oilers

Game 1: W, 0 GA, 19 SV, 0.00 GAA, 1.000 SV%
Game 2: L, 2 GA, 25 SV, 2.07 GAA, 0.926 SV%

1/11/14, vs. Ottawa Senators
1/12/14, vs. Minnesota Wild

Game 1: OTL, 1 GA, 20 SV, 1.01 GAA, 0.952 SV%
Game 2: L, 4 GA, 19 SV, 4.00 GAA, 0.826 SV%

1/18/14, @ Oklahoma City Barons
1/19/14, @ Oklahoma City Barons

Game 1: L, 2 GA, 23 SV, 2.06 GAA, 0.920 SV%
Game 2: SL, 4 GA, 21 SV, 3.75 GAA, 0.840 SV%

1/24/14, vs. Rockford IceHogs
1/25/14, @ Rockford IceHogs
1/26/14, vs. Rockford IceHogs

Game 1: W, 2 GA, 28 SV, 2.00 GAA, 0.933 SV%
Game 2: L, 2 GA, 29 SV, 2.05 GAA, 0.935 SV%
Game 3: OTL, 4 GA, 39 SV, 3.71 GAA, 0.907 SV%

1/31/14, @ Iowa Wild
2/1/14, vs. Grand Rapids Griffins

Game 1: W, 2 GA, 24 SV, 1.87 GAA, 0.923 SV%
Game 2: SL, 2 GA, 35 SV, 1.85 GAA, 0.946 SV%

3/7/14, vs. Rockford IceHogs
3/8/14, @ Rockford IceHogs

Game 1: W, 3 GA, 22 SV, 3.00 GAA, 0.880 SV%
Game 2: W, 2 GA, 28 SV, 2.00 GAA, 0.933 SV%

4/11/14, @ Rockford IceHogs
4/12/14, vs. Chicago Wolves

Game 1: W, 1 GA, 26 SV, 1.00 GAA, 0.963 SV%
Game 2: W, 1 GA, 28 SV, 1.00 GAA, 0.966 SV%

4/25/14, vs. Toronto Marlies
4/26/14, vs. Toronto Marlies

Game 1: L, 4 GA, 22 SV, 4.05 GAA, 0.846 SV%
Game 2: L, 4 GA, 36 SV, 4.02 GAA, 0.900 SV%

10/10/14, vs. Charlotte Checkers
10/11/14, @ Rockford IceHogs

Game 1: W, 3 GA, 24 SV, 3.00 GAA, 0.889 SV%
Game 2: W, 2 GA, 29 SV, 2.02 GAA, 0.935 SV%

10/17/14, @ Iowa Wild
10/18/14, @ Iowa Wild

Game 1: W, 3 GA, 27 SV, 3.00 GAA, 0.900 SV%
Game 2: W, 0 GA, 29 SV, 0.00 GAA, 1.000 SV%

These figures of course also include his stint last season in the NHL with the Nashville Predators as well as with the Milwaukee Admirals in the AHL. Here is what the grand total ends up with for his Game 1 and Game 2 split.

Game 1 (total): 8-3-1-0 record, 27 GA, 289 SV, 3.47 GAA, 0.915 SV%
Game 2 (total): 6-4-0-2 record, 27 GA, 346 SV, 3.21 GAA, 0.924 SV%

What does that all add up to? For me, I think the numbers show that Mazanec performs even better in the second half of a two-in-two and he really has to. You would figure on the second game that a team and -specifically- defense would start getting tired. That means more chances in attack and more saves needing to be made. With pressure on him, as well as the back-to-back fatigue going against himself as well, Mazanec has delivered when called upon for a second consecutive night of action between the pipes.

What have you made of Marek Mazanec since his introduction to North America last season? How has he progressed? How do you compare his game to that of Magnus Hellberg’s? Would you expect Hellberg to be given the same chance as Mazanec to perform in a string of games for the Admirals this season?

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3 thoughts on “Marek Mazanec: By The Numbers”

  1. Mazanec’ numbers at back-to-backs just prove what’s been constant over his young career: He’s a goalie capable of rising up to the occasion. He might not have top-end goalie talent like, say, a John Gibson, but I think he’s a battler. Regarding Hellberg, he definately should get his chance, and I’m sure he will. Maz can’t be relied upon to play every game, and the sooner the backup goalie gets established between the pipes the better.

  2. I don’t think Mazanec wowed me last year in the AHL. I thought Darling should have been our playoff starter. However I’m more then comfortable with him as our starter. I think considering last year was his first in America, he did well. I think he was suppose to get his feet wet, while Hellberg got the majority of the action. Hellberg had a 2.14 goals against, and 6 shutouts in 12-13. I mean he got us to the playoffs that year.

    I think Nashville will go real slow with Hellberg , and be content with pedestrian numbers from him.
    Hopefully Mazanec with a year of America , and NHL under his belt, is ready to shine. Cause this Team looks like a beast, We Haven’t had anything like this, in a long time.

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