Forsberg Keeps Shining In Pre-Season

In the first two pre-season games for the Nashville Predators – Filip Forsberg has scored a goal. Is he going to start 2014-15 in the NHL? (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Pekka Rinne and Marek Mazanec combined for a shutout in the Nashville Predators second pre-season game. Yet, it was Filip Forsberg putting in another sharp performance in his efforts to make the NHL roster to start the season. He scored the lone goal in the 1-0 contest Thursday night and is starting to make a legitimate case that he’s up in Nashville to stay.

Forsberg has now scored a point in every pre-season competition he has taken part in: the rookie tournament and two of two in the NHL’s pre-season. He played on a line with James Neal that was centered by Mike Ribeiro. Compared to the first pre-season game, where he unleashed nine shots on goal, Forsberg only had two last night but was the difference on the scoresheet.

Rinne made his first start of the pre-season and stopped all twelve shots he faced before a goaltending switch in the second period. Mazanec, who had a tough third period in the opening pre-season fixture, rebounded with a ten-for-ten effort to seal the shutout in Nashville.

The Predators next pre-season games are tomorrow and it includes two games against the Florida Panthers. That should mean a stretching of the roster for each of the two games and plenty more talent we should see in Milwaukee this season should get pre-season hockey in the NHL.

Notes-worthy Notes: Taylor Beck registered 15:17 of ice time and had two shots and a giveaway… he might be seeing that wing role that didn’t exist in the first place being claimed by Forsberg. Joe Piskula made his triumphant return to Nashville after his two game NHL stint last season… he was out on the ice for 17:08 and was on the ice when Forsberg scored. Austin Watson recorded the least amount of ice time, 9:42, of anyone in last night’s game… he registered two shots.

Have we seen the last of Filip Forsberg in Milwaukee? Is Forsberg earning himself an NHL roster spot? If so, what does that mean in terms of the “glass ceiling” to make it from the AHL to the NHL this year in Milwaukee… Can anyone break through it without some sort of injury on the Predators roster? Does Forsberg’s perfomances mean “sayōnara” for Taylor Beck in the Predators organization?

4 thoughts on “Forsberg Keeps Shining In Pre-Season”

  1. Um….so who did they play? Not a single mention of an opposing player or team or location. From the photo, I would have guessed the Ads played the Rampage. There’s a note that the Preds dropped the first game to TB, and play FL tomorrow, but no clues about who this particular game was against. Perhaps this article was written late at night.

  2. Sam…

    The Ads did not play. A large part of Nashville’s preseason roster is guys who will be in Milwaukee, juniors, or in Europe this season. That is why so many Ads players played.

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