Admirals Roundtable 101

SOON. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Ladies and Gents. The 2014-15 Milwaukee Admirals season is almost here. Fantastic isn’t it? To get you all prepped for this year on Roundtable I would like to give you all the run down of the what and where.

First let’s get the who out of the way. My name is Daniel Lavender and I am the editor-in-chief of Admirals Roundtable. This will be my second season at the helm. If you liked what you got out of our end last year, great news! I fully expect to attend all home games, provide game recaps throughout the entirety of this season, audio from all my practice session or post-game interviews conducted with coaches and players, feature stories, and updates from around the sport of hockey as they occur.

Also contributing to the Roundtable will be Jason Karnosky from time to time. Expect him to provide his news and insight – as well as NHL Trade Deadline Day coverage. To boot, he will again be writing stories that you can read on the main site of the Milwaukee Admirals this season. Keep your eyes peeled when those stories drop.

As always, a roundtable isn’t much of a roundtable without joining in on the discussion. That’s why there are a variety of ways to get into the banter: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and right below each and every story on our website in the comments section.

Additionally, you will often find me in the media section at all home games. I also walk the ice after a game and like to chat with you fans by the Admirals player tunnel prior to the start of the head coach’s post-game presser. I’m always happy to hear from you folks in person. Never be shy. Stop on by, say hello, and let’s talk hockey! …it’s kind of my thing.

Our website will really start to get revved up as the Nashville Predators pre-season starts up tomorrow night. As those games rattle off I expect players will start shuffling over to Milwaukee ahead of our own pre-season. The fun is right around the corner. Let’s drop the puck already.

4 thoughts on “Admirals Roundtable 101”

  1. I agree with Casey. Can’t wait for the hockey season to begin!!!
    If the Pack loses to Chicago, their season will nearly be over at 1-3 and 0-2 in the division.

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