Cincinnati Cyclones Unveil New Logos and Uniforms


Out with the old and in with the new for our ECHL buddies the Cincinnati Cyclones. Fresh off of their strong Kelly Cup run, which saw them eliminated in the finals, the Cyclones have a new logo and uniform set for the 2014-15 season.

The new color scheme is a little lighter on the palate. Gone is yellow and cartoon look. Now it’s red, black, and silver… insert Carlonia Hurricans Cincinnati Cyclones joke here. This new design looks really sharp in my opinion. What are your thoughts on our ECHL affiliate’s new look?


6 thoughts on “Cincinnati Cyclones Unveil New Logos and Uniforms”

  1. I am very meh about them. Not that they are bad…far from Mooterus bad in fact. The red and silver versions are better than the white, but still not making me overly excited.

    To me, the minors are about fun. That is why the logo on the Ads third is one of, if not the best in sports. I guess I am just a fan of silly and goofy (the old ECHL Greenville Grrrowl and the Chattanooga Lookouts also in my top 10). I was always a fan of the Cyclones logo too, and that is probably coloring my opinion a bit.

  2. It could be worse. Yet another team changing the logo after a winning tradition IMO…

    Ads win the Calder…Ads go to the finals…Ads change their colors and logo.
    The owner can do what he wants. He owns the team after all, but when you have a solid product, a loyal fan base, and a recognizable scheme for the team, why change it? Money?

  3. I am probably way off here but with the new merger of echl and chl and possible expansion of the ahl and some shifting and alignment they (Cincinnati) just might be thinking what Rockford did oh many moons ago. Stepping up to the next level…. AHL they had a team there in the Mighty Ducks and the last memory of them i had was a gut wrenching last minute death blow in a game 7 at the BC that left us stunned and pissed! That was the only time i reremember Coach Noel making an awful decision but i digress. Cincinnati deserves a shot back in the A and o think they might get it they have passionate fans that game that haunts me had more duck purple at center ice then ads colors. I feel the new jerseys are sleek and modern and start new era of professional hockey in Cincinnati. Or i could be dead wrong

  4. It looks like water going down a toilet. Look at the C as a toilet seat and you’ll see it. The fan response has been overwhelmingly negative. Just a terrible mess.

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