Summer Ramblings, Vol. 8

Magnus Hellberg, Colton Sissons, and Miikka Salomaki were a few of the Admirals on the winning side of the Scott Nichol Pigeon Cup winning rookie team on Saturday. (Photo Credit: Scott Nichol)

Top of the morning, Roundtable. All going well with your summer I trust? Excellent!

By now we’re all missing hockey a great deal. The good news? The Nashville Predators rookie development camp has came to fill the void. There were plenty of Milwaukee products at the camp. And it is all looking promising for future products of the Nashville system.

The camp started off with a scavenger hunt around Nashville a week ago. Making a splash in the social media circle was Marek Mazanec during the day. Having gotten to know him last season – it’s fun seeing him that little more loose and not overwhelmed by being in another country. He even was filmed for an interview and his English sounded really improved. Great to see for him!

FYI: Fairly certain Jonathan Diaby‘s troop won the scavenger hunt. I think they used his height to find things. Just a guess.

The real focus comes out of the scrimmage game that was held over the weekend on Saturday. It was all about the Scott Nichol Pigeon Cup! …as well as some feels about being back in the Bridgestone Arena.

There were some good notes for plenty of guys in the scrimmage game. Kristopher Martel of “The Predatorial” commented on the likes of Tommy Veilleux (note) and Jonathan Diaby (note). Robby Stanley of Smashville 24/7 made comment of the possible new goal song for the Preds (note) and a one-liner in regards to Filip Forsberg‘s game (note). Jeremy K. Gover of Section 303 has a story in regards to the musical change.  Max Gortz showed off some experienced grit by getting patched up on the bench and getting back on the ice – as quick as you like. Friend of the Roundtable Seth Lake also had a keen eye for Janne Juvonen rocking Admiral colored goalie gear during the game (note) – though it could have been his gear with the Lahden Pelicans sans advertisements. There was also the great sight of seeing Magnus Hellberg up to his old tricks as an interview bomber extraordinaire. Add that, as Mr. Lake mentioned in regards to tendy swag, Mag’s new custom Warrior goaltending gear in Admirals colors – which are a 10/10 in my book.

The game capped off with some absolute gems by Viktor Arvidsson and Kevin Fiala in the shootout:

Just to point at the obvious, how about the 17-year old Fiala pulling a Forsberg move on Mazanec? Pretty filthy stuff from the Preds first round pick in this year’s NHL Draft.

All in all, another real fun rookie development camp held in Nashville. If you follow enough of these prospects on Twitter you’ll see how many truly do enjoy being in the Nashville system: Sissons, Diaby, Stephan, and Leipsic to name a few. Great to see. And it’ll be great seeing plenty of the names that circulated throughout this year’s camp trickle through Milwaukee this year or the years ahead.

If you haven’t already, I suggest giving a look at the Nashville Predators website and watching all their 2014 Development Camp player interviews. It’s good stuff.

What player excites you the most out of the upcoming prospects in the Nashville Predators system? Who do you feel could make an instant impact in Nashville this season at the NHL level? Who should make the biggest impact for the Milwaukee Admirals?

One thought on “Summer Ramblings, Vol. 8”

  1. Well, based on my observations and a short discussion on Twitter, Diaby and possibly Piskula should see time in Nashville sooner rather than later. I would expect Sissions, Forsberg, and possibly Salomaki to make a significant impact for Nashville.

    If Moser gets over himself and signs, he could make a big impact on the Ads roster and possibly earn a late season call up. Of course, it is key that Nashville has returned to a state of equilibrium now that they drafted another Joonas!

    The fact that Hellberg seems to be loose and high spirited can only mean that he has put the disaster of last season behind him and that is a great thing. The Ads have two great gpaltenders that they can rely on and that is a very good thing.

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