Nashville Brings Back Joe Piskula

Wisconsin native Joe Piskula is looking set for a return to the Milwaukee Admirals after signing a one-year two-way contract with the Nashville Predators on Friday. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

For those who follow your Milwaukee Admirals birthdays well – you will know that today is Joe Piskula‘s birthday. What better present to receive the day before it than a one-year two-way contract from the Nashville Predators?

The Predators system is currently jammed with defensemen and, particularly here in Milwaukee, it is all youthful. The most senior player of the defensemen who destined to start for the Admirals, based on contracts prior to the Piskula deal, was Taylor Aronson with 26 AHL games under his belt. In short: that’s not good at all.

This signing not only allows for an experienced defender in Piskula to return to the Admirals next season to act as a mentor to the youthful defensive core around him. I feel this gives Nashville there Plan “A” from Milwaukee in the happenstance that injuries pile up. It happened its fair share last season, right? You almost need an option or two regardless of the NHL depth that you have in case of injuries. The question really becomes – if Piskula – who should be the next experienced man in the fold? My guess is, with all the left-handed defensemen on the roster, you will need a righty… preferably with good leadership skills… and someone who knows how to command a locker room… all in due time I suppose, eh?

What is your reaction to the re-signing of Joe Piskula? If Scott Ford doesn’t return to the Milwaukee Admirals next season could Piskula be the next captain? Does Nashville and Milwaukee need to add more experienced defensemen in? And, if so, does that defensemen really have to be Ford?

6 thoughts on “Nashville Brings Back Joe Piskula”

  1. I think signing Piskula was a no brainer, Wisconsin native and doesn’t hurt Nashville as a fill in, I would think that Bitetto and Ford will both be back as having 3 rookie defensemen in the lineup will be tough enough. Maybe the best 4 stay in Milwaukee and the next 2 or 3 go to Cincy and I don’t think it bodes well for Aronson that he didn’t get a call to the Admirals at all last season. Nashville will need to add someone to replace Del Zotto if he doesn’t return in what should be remembered as Poile’s worst trade ever.

  2. I would like to see Bitetto, Valentine and COR back with Milwaukee next season. The Admirals would be good with 3 rookies on the blue line, including Diaby. Either Valentine or Piskula would make a good captain.

    I think that Ford’s time as a player in the AHL is over. People were able to go around him in the playoffs. He lost a step or two. I thank him for his many years of service in Milwaukee! He seems like a terrific person when I have spoken to him. Maybe he can be an assistant coach.

  3. One other note, Touisgnant signed an AHL deal with the Adirondack Flames.

  4. I disagree with adsfan Scott Ford has a lot of playing time. There are older guys playing now. I would like to see the ads have him and piskula as their experienced ones helping out these new rookies. We would have a pretty decent team. Okay and this is the sentiment talking. Would love to see Ford take a cup.

  5. Don’t see Aronson in the development camp. Does that mean he is no longer part of Nashville organization or are there other factors?

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