Joonas Jarvinen signs with Sochi of the KHL

(Photo Credit: Mark Newman)
Joonas Jarvinen has played two-seasons with the Milwaukee Admirals and played in 129 games. (Photo Credit: Mark Newman)

Hot off the presses this morning is a report suggesting that Joonas Jarvinen has signed a deal with the Sochi Leopards of the KHL.

Jarvinen is a pending restricted-free agent of the Nashville Predators this off-season. Yet, with the plethora of young blue line talent coming into the Milwaukee Admirals next season (Johan Alm, Jonathan Diaby, Garrett Noonan, Jaynen Rissling, Mikko Vainonen), the room on the roster for defensemen is practically sorted.

I feel that, should this report be accurate, it will be a loss of one of the best defensive defensemen that the Admirals had last season. Injuries may have sidelined him to just 54 games in the regular season but he managed to improve his plus/minus +11 points over his rookie campaign in Milwaukee

Tough loss for the Admirals? Yes, but they have so many young names entering 2014-15 that you should expect this to be the first of a few names to be shipping out of Milwaukee this off-season. I would anticipate Vainonen to step into Jarvinen’s defensive minded role rather seamlessly for the coming season.

Also worth mentioning that the team Jarvinen would be joining, Sochinskiye Leopardy (Sochi Leopards), are a brand new franchise. Sochi, as well as Jokerit Helsinki and Lada Togliatti, are a part of the KHL’s 2014-15 expansion. Perhaps he can hip check Alexander Radulov into next week for us all while he is over there.

Thoughts on this potential move for Joonas Jarvinen? Who, if any, will remain in Milwaukee’s defense from the past season? Who is the next defenseman that will head elsewhere? Are there any defenseman that the Admirals need to keep from the past season?

6 thoughts on “Joonas Jarvinen signs with Sochi of the KHL”

  1. We should be keeping ford. Him and diaby would be a strong force and the ads need someone with experience and also a class act to represent in the city. Ford should get the respect due him.

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