Roundtable Offseason 101

This is a Daniel Lavender in his natural habitat. (Photo Credit: Hannah Walters)

The Milwaukee Admirals 2013-14 season came to an end yesterday. I assume that you will all have some questions as to what comes next from our end of things here at the Roundtable and much more.

I have plans for a few “best of” material in the coming days. That will include a 2013-14 Best of Chatterbox, the 2013-14 Season in Pictures, and the Roundtable classic – Paper Plate Awards. All of that will come in the days ahead. No particular order. Just expect some end of the season goodies!

Outside of that, I still plan on providing news and coverage of the Nashville Predators, Milwaukee Admirals, and Cincinnati Cyclones when news crops up. As I mentioned yesterday – the Cyclones are still in the thick of the ECHL playoffs. It will be fun seeing how deep their run can go – and I’ll pay attention to that. Then you have the Stanley Cup playoffs on, the World Championships starting up in a week’s time, the end of the hockey season and subsequent roster moves, NHL Draft, and more!

There always seems to be something to write about. Early on during this Admirals season I dedicated myself to providing daily content up here at the Roundtable. While I don’t expect that to continue throughout the summer – I still can’t help myself! So, please expect more ramblings from me even though our season is at an end.

I’ve loved every bit of operating Admirals Roundtable this season. I wasn’t all that sure what to expect out of it when the role was offered to me. One season down and I could not be more happy with all that I have been able to experience from this website. The real highlight has been interacting with all of you brilliant fans this season. Whether it be online, or rinkside at the games, it has been so much fun being able to chat hockey with each and every one of you. The Roundtable is all about the fans, getting discussions going, and putting content up that allows us to put our “hockey nerd” caps on and banter. I hope that you have all enjoyed this season here at Admirals Roundtable. It has been a blast to provide you all with coverage of this great team.

My personal “thank you” list would be very long but…

Admirals VP of Communications Charlie Larson for always being there for me in regards to setting up interviews and various answers I needed throughout the season. Admirals play-by-play man Aaron Sims for being such a wonderful person – through and through. Ryan Miller for his guidance at the start of this season and his incredible work making the Roundtable be a thing in the first place. Admirals president Jon Greenberg and the entire front office staff – yes, even you Brian Martens. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Dave Boehler for putting up with my jokes and various doodles on his name tags on the press table. Fellow Roundtable contributor Jason Karnosky for his efforts and discussions throughout this season. The Milwaukee Admirals photographers -Scott Paulus, Sara Stathas, and Jeff Hanisch- whose work has made this website look thousands of times better thanks to their magnificence. Taylor and Taylor, aka Theresa and Geoff, for always being around the rink making me laugh. Many of the fellow media types I’ve been able to chat with throughout this season from Nashville and Cincinnati for all the fun discussions. And much much much more. Hard to find a single person around the entire organization, top to bottom, that is difficult to love. Honestly.

If you have any suggestions, comments, rambings, etc – I am always all ears! The Roundtable isn’t going anywhere. We’re open 24/7 for hockey nerds and aspiring hockey nerds. Let’s keep the dialogue running into the 2014-15 season!

6 thoughts on “Roundtable Offseason 101”

  1. Thanks to Ryan for starting the site, Daniel for keeping it going full time, and to all the other contributors for giving we Admirals fans a place to rant and vent!

  2. Thanks Daniel for the AWESOME job you did
    this year! I had enjoyed reading all your articles and hearing what the fans had to say. You are a man who knows a lot about hockey and this team!

  3. Great job Daniel, your tireless work is much appreciated, heres to a safe summer and an eventful offseason with big hopes for the Admirals and Predators in 2014-15!

  4. Will Aaron Sims be in Milwaukee or Nashville next year? Thanks for keeping the site going.

  5. Steve, tenderfan, Glenn, Adsfan: Thanks you guys so much! :)

    pez77: Considering there are no radio spots available for the Nashville Predators (that I know of) Aaron Sims should be still with us. That being said – I’m not him and do not know if any other NHL positions could open up in the summer.

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