Roundtable Question of the Day

Calle Jarnkrok has scored a point in every single game he has played in as a member of the Milwaukee Admirals. Certainly he can be considered NHL ready right? (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

I was asked to provide a quote for our friend Thomas Willis at Predlines last night in regards to “NHL Readiness” for Calle Jarnkrok and Filip Forsberg. You can read his story right here.

That topic does interest me. Not so much for guys such as Jarnkrok or Forsberg. I think we can all pretty much agree with them being NHL ready. I also think that Colton Sissons, Taylor Beck, Simon Moser, and Mark Van Guilder are players who could all play well at the NHL level were the spots open for them to perform.

Then you have the others guys. That of course meaning everyone else on the Milwaukee Admirals roster. Some I could see being bracketed in the NHL range. Some of the more recent additions I wonder if you would even consider them AHL ready. Here are who I want you all to consider.

Are these players NHL ready?

Miikka Salomaki, Austin Watson, Joonas Jarvinen, Marek Mazanec, Magnus Hellberg, or Scott Darling.

Are these players AHL ready?

Joe Pendenza, Braden Pimm, Jonathan Diaby, Jaynen Rissling, Mikko Vainonen, and Garrett Noonan.

A few of those players on the bottom list you may have had the chance to see play this season. Others you have have missed out on. All the more reason to question if those would be names you want to see in Milwaukee next season, right?

Discuss amongst yourselves. I would be really interested in hearing your thoughts on this. I also wonder what you make of certain players ceiling in regards to – can some even crack an NHL lineup or if time is passing by for them to maintain an NHL role.

6 thoughts on “Roundtable Question of the Day”

  1. I think Salomaki could be after another half year of grooming, my question fot him is was this year a fluke or is it going to be more of a regular thing points wise with him if this is the real deal then yes he’s gonna be ready soon.
    Watson is more NHL ready than I think people believe, his compete level is high and he works on PP PK and is could play center or wing, his future success depends upon who he plays with on a line, talent helps talent if he’s on a grind line where he’s the best guy he won’t succeed as much.
    I love Jarvinen he’s big and hits forcefully, his offensive skills aren’t going to impress many but he can blast a good slap shot I think another full year in Milwaukee would elevate his game greatly.
    Diaby pair hin with Jarvinen next season put em PP and PK and these two may grow up together and help develop each other’s game and skills ultimately two solid years together would turn them into Nashville blue liners with chemistry.

  2. I would argue that Forsberg isn’t NHL ready yet. I know everyone wants him to be, and wants him to be as soon as possible. But he’s not the best player on the ice when he plays. With Jarnkrok, we saw right away what an impact player he was. Forsberg? Not as much impact. Yes, there have been some defensive improvements, and yes, he has hit a few people lately. But he seems to shift to a lower gear when relying on his skill, and then he ends up coughing up the puck way too much. Shades of Linus Klasen sometimes. If the Predators are ready to take the bad with the good, then fine, call him NHL ready. But I think there’s still seasoning to be done. I think they should put him on the Gustav Nyquist plan.

  3. I agree with Ryan 100%. Forsberg isn’t ready, Calle is NHL ready.

    Diaby should be in Milwaukee next season. Salomaki and Watson need to be here until January.

  4. Speaking of NHL ready, does anyone think that the Predators are waiting on Blaishill, or does the Shark’s early exit make McClellan available?

  5. Max is definitely NHL ready. I think that the Preds will think so too. If they do not resign Hutton by draft day, you may have your answer. I think Darling is close. He needs a season as the #1 in the AHL to see if he can cut it as a starter for a full season. Watson is ready too, but with all the other names in front of him, it may be hard for him to stick this year. I don’t think the rest of the list is NHL ready this year.

    As far as the second list, the only name I can comment on is Diaby. He does have what it takes to be in the AHL. He seemed a little tentative, but for his first game, that was expected. The only thing stopping him is the depth on the blueline. With Piskula and Rodney being UFA’s, that could open the door for Diaby. Of course, who knows who will be the coach in Smashville (Todd McClellan??) so there is no way to tell what priorities the franchise will have when it comes to prospects.

    Glenn…I would be shocked if McClellan and Wilson keep their jobs in San Jose. I have been a fan of this team for over 20 years and this is the first time I have considered switching teams to follow. I know it isn’t the coach/GM to blame, but you can’t fire 20 players so…

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