The Chatterbox, Vol. 32

The Milwaukee Admirals hit center ice and salute the crowd following their 5-1 victory over the Charlotte Checkers Friday night. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

My title from yesterday’s game story was “The Power of Power.” What was I referring to? Well, the almighty words of Jeremy Clarkson of course. POWER! … I digress. Actually, the Admirals last night went full-strength with their playoff arsenal of forwards and simply blew the Charlotte Checkers to smithereens.

The Checkers were in full playoff survival mode last night. They entered the game as the ninth seed of the Western Conference needing to win out their season, and get some luck, to stand a chance of passing the Oklahoma City Barons for the eighth and final playoff spot. The Checkers were in last night’s game for about the first three minutes or so. Then the Admirals tilted the ice, rolled the freight train of four talented forward lines, and grinded the Checkers playoff hopes to nothingness. You would never have known, having watched that game start to finish, that the Checkers were the ones playing desperately for their spot in the playoffs.

The Admirals have now won five-straight games. In eight April games they have only lost once. Players returned from Nashville, from injury, and have all been crafted into the lineup with time to knock off the rust and become a well oiled machine as the playoffs arrive this coming week.

There is so much to be excited about with this Admirals team right now. Need some sort of proof? Last night the Admirals had nothing to play for and their opponent was in a must win scenario. It looked systematic for the Admirals in their 5-1 victory over the Checkers. Imagine how the Admirals can play when they are the ones in the must win scenario that is playoff hockey.

After the game I had the opportunity to speak with Dean Evason, Anthony Bitetto, Taylor Beck, and Joonas Jarvinen. Here is what everyone was talking about following the regular season home finale.

Dean Evason speaks about the Admirals success on home ice:

Evason on how Marek Mazanec has improved of late:

Evason’s thoughts of having four solid forward lines to call upon:

Evason’s impressions of Taylor Beck’s goal and more:

Anthony Bitetto on scoring his second goal of 2014:

Bitetto’s thoughts about the Admirals:

Bitetto talks about the team’s depth:

Bitetto’s thoughts in regard to scoreboard watching:

Taylor Beck on his highlight reel goal:

Beck’s thoughts about how well the team has played at home this season:

Beck speaks about the team playing its strongest hockey at the right time:

Joonas Jarvinen’s thoughts on the 5-1 victory against Charlotte:

Jarvinen talks about how he has felt since returning from injury:

Jarvinen on the recent run heading into the playoffs:

Comments from the comments? Was Taylor Beck’s goal last night the top Admirals goal scored this season? Who has been an underrated performer during this recent run of form for the Ads?

2 thoughts on “The Chatterbox, Vol. 32”

  1. Josh: After looking back over that, quite surprised as well, the scorer’s changed that game’s opening goal from Salomaki to Bitetto:

    I’m not sure when that was officially changed but, as far as I knew before yesterday’s game (writing my end of the season grades), he still hadn’t scored in 2014. Odd. Though, other websites still lag behind current events so I guess it’s no surprise. Hockey DB has yet to add Joe Pendenza to the Admirals yet.

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