The Roundtable’s Question of the Day

Hockey being played in the BMO Harris Bradley Center. Is this now a sight with a ticking clock attached to it? (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

In case you missed some major Milwaukee news yesterday – the Milwaukee Bucks longtime owner Herb Kohl announced that he reached an agreement to sell the team to hedge-fund billionaires Wesley Edens and Marc Lasry. Kohl purchased the team in 1985 for $18 million and, if this agreement clears the NBA and its board of governors, will see a return of $550 million. So, that’s a profit.

What makes this news so huge is (A) the sale was made with the condition that the team needed to remain in Milwaukee and (B) that there is an expected plan to build a new stadium to replace the BMO Harris Bradley Center.

While details and known “knowns” are still yet to be fully realized from this new ownership – the idea of a new stadium presents the Milwaukee Admirals with a potential challenge that they haven’t dealt with since the construction of the Bradley Center started. Where is home and what does the future have in store?

There are actually numerous questions that come to mind with this news to me. Do the Admirals, like the Bucks, leave the Bradley Center all together for this new facility? Where will this new stadium be erected? What becomes of the Bradley Center? What does an additional new venue mean for the ol’ MECCA aka the aging US Cellular Arena?

In fact, I’m sure you all probably have even more questions than just that. I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions, questions, and answers. I think this is a news story that only grows in the coming months. How it impacts the Milwaukee Admirals will be something I’m definitely going to keep my eye on as news of this ownership change continues to pour out.

10 thoughts on “The Roundtable’s Question of the Day”

  1. Right now, in addition to the money already promised by the Herb and the new Bucks owners, they have to find roughly $250 million more to build a stadium acceptable to the NBA. Where that money comes from, I have no idea. The citizenry has made it clear that they won’t fork over more tax money. As for the Admirals, should the Bradley Center remain after a new one is built, I’d say the Ads should stay. Far less scheduling headaches that way. If we’d ever get an NHL franchise, then move over to the Bucks house. Since the Bradley Center was built for hockey, something the Bucks have constantly complained about, I wonder how suitable a new Bucks arena would be for hockey?

  2. First of all, there is so far only $200 million of the required $500 million currently pledged for a new arena. The people of this area are not gonna stand for public funding. I don’t see this dream of a new venue happening. I could be wrong. Secondly, if it gets built can a minor league hockey team afford the rent without pricing its self out of its fan base. I think the desire to move the bucks remains and the failure to get an arena deal will be the reason to move them. The BC may be dated by NBA standards but it is not dated by AHL standards.

  3. The problem with the Bradley Center is that it is way WAY too big for an AHL team. Most AHL teams have 5000-9000 seat arenas. Even on great ticket nights, that place looks empty because the top tier is often closed. The result is also dulled out sound. Ads fans are loud and raucous supporters but you could hardly tell that at the BC. The Ads would be well served to find a more appropriately sized space for themselves.

  4. I disagree, I think the BC is as loud as any other AHL arena even with smaller crowds. I haven’t been to many east coast AHL arena’s but in comparison to the ones I have been to the BC is a palace. The Admirals could stay, but they run the risk of being the only tenant in a building that needs a lot of work if it stays standing. And the loss of revenue the BC will have when a new arena pops up almost ensure’s it’s demise. There’s always been talk of a move to the US Cell, cheaper, smaller, and if the Wave stumble the Cell might be in the market for a new tenant. But again you’re talking about an old, outdated building. I guess I take some pride in the fact that our barn is nicer then say Rockford’s or the All-State Arena. IMO, the Admirals should invest in this new arena as well so they’re not just rent paying tenants and continue to provide an NHL like experience for prospects.

  5. The plus of the BC currently is that it is being supported mainly by the Bucks. If the Bucks leave to a new building my fear is the Admirals cannot make up the costs to keep the BC open and maintained. There just isn’t enough revenue brought in by the Admirals alone to support a huge building like the BC (this is an assumption since I have no knowledge of the BC financials).

    My other fear is this new building will be designed with basketball in mind and hockey as an afterthought. If that happens, we could end up like the Wolves’ stadium with horrible sight lines for hockey.

  6. Steve nailed it all brilliantly! I fear that the bucka don’t want the ads in the new arena and with the BC being too expensive for just the ads my solution cozy up with the Wave at the Cell rename it Champions Arena presented by US Cellular and secure your season tickets now. And let the failure in green and red play in front of empty expensive seats and the Herb Kohl Center. (Mic drop) im out

  7. My take on the issue is many people feel it’s a done deal, There will be a new arena. That’s a huge if… First, the ads will stay at the Bradley Center despite its size, on the normal nights all needs to be done is pull the curtains on the top deck. Second, there are cities with two I large arena where different teams and events can happen at once. Third, when can the Ads get free or reduced rent, I think they’re paying up the 4 thousand a game when the bucks are rent free. Finally, there is the property north of the Bradley center that might be owned now by MSOE. It would be perfect place and keep the BC status Quo. To sum it up, if the city votes on it, it might go through but if it’s counties around like my ozaukee it will die an easy death.

  8. . I think staying in the Bradley center would be better for the admirals. They would be able to schedule more Saturday night games which would help the admirals attendance plus they could end up with a stadium with poor hockey sight lines if they move to the new Bucks arena. Moving back to the US Cellular arena would be a big step backwards for the Admirals.

  9. The new arena needs 200+ events a year to be viable , so in my opinion that would include the Admiral’s and Marquette. This new area will get built you can book that . The two new owners didn’t spend this amount of money to play at the BC for 5-7 more years, then move the team. Their will be more private money involved in the construction of a new state-of-the art arena.

    Another note : The NHL is never coming to Milwaukee, Wisconsin . A city this size can’t support it. That is fact. The NHL is looking at Seattle and Quebec .

    By 2019 you will be sitting in a brand new area watching Milwaukee Admiral’s hockey where the sight-lines are still good the leg-room is plenty, the beer is cold and the team is talented . See You There ………. !!!!!!!!

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