Mark Van Guilder Finally Gets His NHL Call Feature

(Photo Credit: John Russell)
Mark Van Guilder’s first career NHL call up and game was one of the top highlights of the 2013-14 Admirals season. (Photo Credit: John Russell)

Today the Milwaukee Admirals unveiled a snazy new website. I’m proud to have one of the first articles to be displayed, a feature story on Mark Van Guilder’s recall to Nashville and the work he’s put in for six years to get to that point.

Here are a couple of snippets from MVG in the piece:

“I never really thought that yeah I’m going to play in the NHL. It was always a dream of mine, but until last year, it really was just a dream. It wasn’t really until the end of last season that I realized that this really was so close.”

“I felt so far away that whole season in the Coast. Playing in the NHL did not even seem like a possibility. It’s been a very slow climb to get from there (to now).”

“I think almost every guy that I had played with on the team had either talked to me or texted me congratulations before I even got there. When I walked in Gabriel Bourque gave me a big hug, and of all of the guys were just so excited for me. They told me I had earned it, so it was pretty special.”

“I think my story might help guys around here that are struggling a little bit, are not happy with the ice time they are getting or are dealing with going up and down from Cincinnati. If you stick with it and just keep working, eventually good things will happen.”

You can view the full story, including quotes from Lane Lambert, Paul Fenton, Dean Evason, Colton Sissons, Scott Ford and Shea Weber right here. Thanks to Daniel Lavender for some of soundbites used in this piece.

3 thoughts on “Mark Van Guilder Finally Gets His NHL Call Feature”

  1. I cleared my browser cache, cleared my computer’s DNS cache, tried a browser that I never use… still the same site for me :(

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