Throwback Thursday: Roundtable Edition

The past few weeks I have been working on categorizing every single story ever published here on the Roundtable for easier archive access.

When you see the bottom of a story you’ll see News, Game Recaps, Chatterbox, etc etc. Now, whenever you click on something such as Game Recaps, you can fully access our game recaps dated all the way back to when Ryan Miller brought the Short Shifts blog over to the Roundtable! I mean, whenever you can read something that mentions Wacey Rabbit you’re having a good day right?

Anyways, part of the fun of all that archive work was seeing plenty of great photos that we’ve had posted on this website over the years. In honor of Throwback Thursday – here are some of the gems that I came across.

Shea Weber
Klasen01 copy
Linus Klasen
Matt Halischuk
Chet Pickard
Blake Geoffrion
Smith03 copy
Jeremy Smith
Getting in the Green Bay spirit!
roo food
Ryan Miller making you crave food.
Smith03 copy
Victor Bartley looking horrified to block a shot.
A very festive Michael Latta.

Please feel free to comment with some other throwback photos of the Milwaukee Admirals! Let the nostalgia loose!

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Roundtable Edition”

  1. Random comment – dunno if anyone else has this problem or not, but since this blog displays 10 posts per page, and it displays the ENTIRE post, it takes forever for the site to load… especially on my work computer… with all of the audio, video, and photos embedded in many of the longer game-recap and chatterbox posts.

    Suggestion – only display a snippet of each post on the main page and require a click to open up an individual post to read the whole post with all images, audio, video, etc. there.

  2. Beef-a-roo!!!!

    Best part about going to Rockford.

    In fact….if you’re making the trip on Friday to perhaps see the Admirals clinch a playoff spot… should stop by Beef-a-roo. In Loves Park, on hwy 251…..just before you get to Rockford proper.

  3. Steve: Not random comment! Always want to hear thoughts on website improvement and performance. That being said, part of archiving everything was so if I change anything around at season’s end we lose nothing.

    When I wrote with SB-Nation they had a jump feature with stories. I’ll dig around for just such a way to shorten up stories on Chatterbox and Photo Posts.

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