The Blender, Vol. 6

Taylor Beck has been hitting plenty of posts of late. That wasn’t the case last night as he scored twice in the Milwaukee Admirals 4-1 victory over the Iowa Wild. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

The Admirals won 4-1 last night over the Iowa Wild. The nail in the coffin came from Filip Forsberg‘s late second period power-play goal. Things seemed rather tight and along the walls up until then. Enter the third period – and away went the Wild’s composure.

Mathieu Tousignant might chirp up a storm during the course of a game. He can play an equally agitating game for his speed and strength on the ice – hounding puck carriers or just cycling a forecheck. He also doesn’t shy away from finishing off his checks. And it was just that which blew the lid off of Brad Winchester last night.

The incident between those two seemed to get up the nose of Curt Gogol. With only 1:09 remaining in the game, and Tousignant on the ice, Gogol sought him out and attempted to sucker him as the puck was actually in the Wild’s attacking end. Tousignant seemed like he instantly hit the deck once he saw Gogol’s stick come flying up around his face – and did get out of the game without further incident. Meanwhile, Gogol was handed an instigating minor, a fighting major, and a game misconduct for instigating.

This was somewhat reminiscent of the Admirals 9-1 victory over the Wild when Corbin Baldwin was a human torpedo on the ice – and really, for the way he was acting on the ice, made the game seem secondary from the perspective of the Wild. Credit where credit is due, at least Baldwin asked Mike Liambas to fight rather than take matters into his own hands and do his team massive damage by taking unnecessary penalties in the process.

Those two moments left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth at the end of this game. Still, you can take it as a positive that the Admirals maintained composure and let the Wild shoot their foot right off. As you’ll hear Tousignant say – they took huge penalties in that last period and it put the game to bed.

~The Chatterbox~

After the game I spoke with Dean Evason, Scott Darling, Taylor Beck, Joe Pendenza, and Mathieu Tousignant. This is what everyone had to say after the win against the Iowa Wild.

Dean Evason’s thoughts of the game:

Evason on the road ahead:

Evason talks about Mathieu “The Lightning Rod” Tousignant:

Evason on the team’s composure in the third period:

Evason speaks about Joonas Jarvinen and Joe Pendenza:

Evason on Mark Van Guilder’s availability for tonight’s game in Chicago:

Scott Darling talks about his success against the Wild this season:

Darling on a verbal spat he had with Johan Gustafsson during the third period:

Taylor Beck on setting up Filip Forsberg’s goal:

Beck discusses the Admirals power-play:

Beck speaks about his line with Francis Wathier and Austin Watson:

Joe Pendenza talks about his first professional hockey game:

Pendenza on battling nerves:

Pendenza, nerves continued:

Pendenza speaks about playing alongside Mike Liambas and Joonas Rask:

Mathieu Tousignant’s thoughts on the game:

Tousignant discusses the third period antics from Iowa:

Tousignant on fighting versus not fighting in those circumstances:

~Scouting the Enemy~

Tonight the Admirals get a quick rematch from Tuesday night where they’ll match up with the Chicago Wolves again in Rosemont. The Wolves have a record of 39-20-5-4 (87 points), are second in the Midwest Division, and fourth in the Western Conference.

Since we last met on Tuesday the Wolves have done *drum roll* absolutely nothing!

This actually worries me. They’ll have prepared for Tuesday’s game, played it out, studied it, and prepared all week for tonight’s game. With this meeting still a possible first round playoff match up – these two are going to be doing plenty of homework on one another.

Tonight we’ll see just how good the Wolves are in that respect and that might not bode well for the Admirals. The Wolves have taken a minimum of one point from the Admirals in all nine games this season. In those games, each and everyone has been decided by a single goal. Expect more white knuckle thrills out of the Amtrak Rivalry tonight.

Reactions from last night’s game? Comments from the comments? How do you feel tonight’s Amtrak Rivalry game will go?

2 thoughts on “The Blender, Vol. 6”

  1. Darling should get the start tonight. If he keeps playing the way he has I think he should start all but one of the games next weekend. I know this won’t happen, but why not keep going with the hot hand?

    I really hope we can get a win tonight. The Wolves have easily won the Amtrak Rivalry this season, but it would be nice to get some wins here at the end.

  2. I agree with Fan in the Falls. Darling should be our #1 and play the majority of games…. He’s much more calm in net. Nothing against Maz. Darling is hot and has just been the better overall goaltender.

    As was mentioned on the Wolves board, the big concert with the first round of the playoffs is a matchup against Abbotsford. With the first round being a best of 5 series and Abbotsford being a million miles away from anyone, it usually ends up being a 2-3 series with the winner choosing if they want the first two at home or the last three at home. That decision cost the Wolves last year if I’m not mistaken. They choose the last three at home and ended up losing the series.

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