The Chatterbox, Vol. 28


Today I trekked into the morning practice at the BMO Harris Bradley Center. I arrived nice and early. Admired Anthony Bitetto‘s new haircut. Then took watch for the session.

Michael Young was the first man on the ice. He hasn’t played since getting injured in his professional debut in Toronto. Then the rest of the Admirals trickled out – including the new blood: Jonathan DiabyKirill Gotovets, and Joe Pendenza.


On the Admirals injury front – we had two real pleasant sights today: Simon Moser and Joonas Jarvinen were on the ice.


Moser took part in the full practice. He was wearing the red “no contact” jersey but seemed to be in real good form. Moser is not expected to participate in game action this weekend – but is getting closer and closer to a return.

Jarvinen also took part on the full practice and, unlike Moser, he was in the typical black defenseman jersey. There still isn’t necessarily a time table for a return. And I think the amount of bodies in camp right now helps Jarvinen in the sense that there isn’t a rush to bring him back before he’s 100%. Still, great to see the big Finn back on the ice.

The ATO trio from yesterday looked rather good from what I saw today. I was impressed with Diaby. He seemed to move around real well for a 6’5″ defenseman. He has plenty of size, seems good on his skates – particularly moving backwards, and looked real comfortable already.


Pendenza played on a line with Filip Forsberg and Patrick Cehlin today at practice. I feel like it is hard to judge him fairly when I’m seeing Forsberg toe-dragging and making the moves that he was today in practice. It somewhat took away from his line-combo work. That said, from a few drills where he worked on wing and odd-man rushes – I liked his speed. Seems to have a good burst out of that first step.

Gotovets, compared to all other Admirals d-men, really stood out because of his size. When all Ads defensemen are in their black practice gear the size of the players pop that extra bit against the ice. So, when you see a 5’11” Gotovets next to our goalies, you do kind of notice. He isn’t exactly Ryan Ellis-like with that size either. His game is not particularly about offensive flashiness. It’s about defense with him. It may be hard to gauge a player from watching him for an hour long practice – but he really appeared to keep things in front of him rather nicely. As was the case with the other new faces – I didn’t really see anything stand out as overwhelmed, flustered, jumpy, or nervous. It seemed controlled. And that I take as the real bright spot for all of them.

One player that I did not see in today’s practice was the Admirals Man of the Year, Mark Van Guilder. I didn’t ask about his absence. I didn’t get the impression that any move back to the NHL was in the cards – other then him not participating in practice. Just worth mentioning. I would assume he’ll be in the lineup tomorrow barring another recall in the next 24 hours.

When practice finished up I talked with head coach Dean Evason. I then had the chance to welcome in the new faces and hear from captain Scott Ford. Here is what all had to say following practice.

Dean Evason on having plenty of numbers in camp:

Evason talks about the new faces brought in yesterday:

Evason discusses Simon Moser’s progress:

Evason’s thoughts of Scott Darling:

Evason’s thoughts on Darling continued:

Evason on being spoiled for choice with goaltending:

Jonathan Diaby’s thoughts of joining the Milwaukee Admirals:

Diaby teaches us his game:

Diaby on adjusting to the team:

Diaby’s expectations with his time in Milwaukee:

Kirill Gotovets’ thoughts on becoming an Admiral:

Gotovets on how he became an Admiral:

Gotovets reflects on his time with Cornell:

Gotovets’ first impressions of the Admirals:

Joe Pendenza on joining the team:

Pendenza and I chat Nashville development camp:

Pendenza’s thoughts of his time playing at UMass-Lowell:

Pendenza talks about his game:

Scott Ford discusses the new faces:

Ford on acclimating new players into the team:

Ford’s thoughts on Mark Van Guilder’s recall:

Ford’s preparation for Iowa tomorrow night:

Comments from the comments? Any questions you might have related to today’s practice or the newbies? How about tomorrow night’s game? What should we expect?

7 thoughts on “The Chatterbox, Vol. 28”

  1. When you get a chance, ask him for a Hellberg update. Does he think that Mags will be back with the team yet this year?

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