Karnosky Traded to Chicago


Jason Karnosky, contributor to MilwaukeeAdmirals.com/Admirals Roundtable and former sidekick to Daniel Lavender, was traded today by the Milwaukee Admirals to the Chicago Wolves. No word yet on what compensation the Admirals are receiving in return, but at this point is likely a writer to be named later. Karnosky will make his Wolves debut Tuesday night as the Milwaukee comes to town.

“We added Karnosky for his familiarity within the division,” Chicago Chairman of the Board/Governor Don Levin said. “With the Amtrak Rivalry game tonight and his countless interviews of Michael Davies while he was at the University of Wisconsin, we see him as a great fit in the Windy City.”

By getting rid of Karnosky and Daniel Lavender’s surprising recall, Ryan Miller was called back to his former duties and will be writing the Admirals Roundtable recap, and perhaps even Scouting the Enemy this morning.

“I can’t write that today,” said Karnosky, who asked to fill in on the piece before leaving for Chicago. “I am the enemy now!”

Miller will likely only be an interim solution. Rumor is his young family is planning to move to Edmonton, Alberta in the not too distant future to start the new blog, Golden Bears and Pandas?, covering former Admirals coach Ian Herbers‘ University of Alberta squad, which just won its 14th Canadian National Championship.

No word yet on whether Karnosky’s upcoming feature on Admirals forward Mark Van Guilder for MilwaukeeAdmirals.com was completed before the trade. Since taking the job in Chicago, Karnosky has been heard around the Wolves’ offices in Rosemont, Illinois lobbying for Chicago to acquire the veteran forward so he could move the piece to ChicagoWolves.com.

“The guy (MVG) is amazing in the community, mentors fellow players, and now has over 13 shifts of NHL experience,” Karnosky was overheard saying. “He also brought back to Milwaukee a Nashville Predators sock and that has to be worth something.”

Karnosky asked for the trade today after purchasing a new Toyota Camry Monday evening (pictured above).

“I can’t be seen in this car in Milwaukee,” Karnosky said. “No is ever going to believe a Admirals Roundtable blogger could have afforded this.”

2 thoughts on “Karnosky Traded to Chicago”

  1. Twitter says that Jason was traded for a bag of used pucks!

    Once again, the big city slickers of Chicago were taken by the good burghers of Milwaukee.

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