Admirals Favorite Films and Celebrity Look-alikes


Marek Mazanec is. Marek Mazanec in. Marek Mazanec: The Marek Mazanec Story. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Happy Monday, Roundtable. Yes. I agree. That was an oxymoron. But fear not! I have something to lighten things up on this most evil of weekdays.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the pre-season player questionnaire sheet that I neglected to hit on. We touched up Admirals warm-up songs. Today, we’re going back to it – and finding out what their favorite movies are.

Anthony Bitetto

The Shawshank Redemption
Scott Ford, Mike Liambas

The Wolf of Wall Street
Patrick Cehlin

Mathieu Tousignant, Austin Watson

The Departed
Colton Sissons

Wedding Crashers
Scott Valentine

Dumb and Dumber
Zach Budish

Happy Gilmore
Josh Shalla

The Sandlot
Mark Van Guilder

Taylor Beck

Remember the Titans
Charles-Olivier Roussel

Another question that the players were asked, that I feel falls in line with film, is this one: who is your celebrity look-alike? A few were asked it. A few answered it back. And some I think are pretty surprising. Get your judging faces on.


Scott Ford – John Travolta


Patrick Cehlin – Ryan Gosling


Mathieu Tousignant – Adam Levine


Colton Sissons – Matthew McConaughey


Zach Budish – Brad Pitt


Josh Shalla – Gerard Butler


Mark Van Guilder – Henry Cavill


Charles-Olivier Roussel – Tom Hardy

Hopefully this post gets you set on the right foot heading into your Monday! …unless you live in the world of Office Space.

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