Colton Sissons Recalled by the Predators

In his first professional season of hockey – Colton Sissons leads the Milwaukee Admirals in points and goals. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

The Milwaukee Admirals leading scorer, Colton Sissons, has been recalled by the Nashville Predators this morning and is expected to take part in tonight’s game against the Ottawa Senators.

This is Sissons third recall of the season with the Predators. He has played in 4 games, tallied an assist in his first-career NHL game, has 2 penalty minutes, and a plus/minus of +2. With the Admirals this season he leads the team in points (41) and goals scored (24).

Today’s call up for Sissons also comes during an outstanding run for him and the Admirals. In the recent 4-game winning streak – he has scored 7 points (5 goals, 2 assists) – including 4 goals in the last two games against the Rockford IceHogs. Here’s hoping that translates into his first career NHL goal tonight!

I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I forget that Colton Sissons is a 20-year old in his first professional season of hockey. I also can’t help but wonder if we should expect more of this from the Predators season continues. I have to imagine they would like to give some guys looks up top – if even for a game or two.

How long do you think this recall will last for Sissons? If he is unavailable for Wednesday’s game against the Iowa Wild – who fills his spot? Would the Admirals need to recall someone from Cincinnati following some recent injury blows from the Rockford clashes?

8 thoughts on “Colton Sissons Recalled by the Predators”

  1. With as well as Sissions has played, I would imagine that the callup will last as long as Nashville is in the playoff picture. With the Preds lack of scoring of late, they will need all the help they can get if they want to make the playoffs.

    As far as the roster goes, the Ads can fill a team…barely. With Cehlin and Moser likely out for a while, I would imagine that Valentine heads back to forward. I would expect to see Budish back at some point this week, possibly Crowder as well. That does leave a hole on the blueline depth wise. Aronson has spent time in Milwaukee so he could come back if healthy. Still, it will be a tough road for the Ads as they hang on perilously to the #8 seed in the west.

  2. I wonder if Colton Sissons can help Nashville score. Just three goals in the last four games (all at home) for the Predators, and just six total in five games back from the Olympic break.

    Tim, I think this might be the exact opposite. I think Nashville is basically dead in the water (no fault of Pekka Rinne’s return) as far as a playoff team. 10 points down with a few teams to climb over. It’s still possible for the Predators to reach the playoffs. But it is a long shot as best, especially with all of the three point games (the same reason why Milwaukee can’t seem to make up any ground despite the recent winning streak).

    Much like last year, I expect some of the top Admirals to get extended looks up with Nashville in the coming weeks, further pilfering from Milwaukee’s already thin present roster.

  3. Barry Almeida Josh Shalla Zach Budish Taylor Aronson all down in Cincinnati. Their “thin” roster will be fine.

  4. Tony, not to mention the influx of prospects that may join the team in March and April. Yes, Milwaukee will be fine as far as putting a full roster together. Hopefully, the Cincinnati players will come to the Admirals hungry and ready to play with the opportunity now available.

  5. Im excited for Leipsic. Although it seems Portland may make some noise in the playoffs which in turn would delay us seeing him in an Admirals uniform. Also Diaby is going to be intriguing to see play. He’s just a massive kid. Im not sure of his estimated arrival but he is going to add some more physical to this team (not that they need it).

  6. I’m always a little concerned when it comes to guys coming in from juniors right before or into a playoff run. Team chemistry is a huge thing. Cincinnati is also in the thick of a playoff run and with the less structured nature of the E, I think that the best move would be to bring the guys who have already seen some AHL ice in Milwaukee up instead of some young prospect. I think the Preds have a pretty good feel for what they have with Beck, Sissions, Moser, Watson, and Forsberg already seeing NHL ice this year. The only other guy that I think that Nashville might want to look at yet is Jarnkrok. I’m not a fan of that move if it comes (hey…the Ads need consistent offence) but I can understand it. The back to back games starting tonight for the Preds against two weaker eastern teams will set the tone. Anything less than 4 points and they are for sure done. If they do drop farther back, who knows what the roster moves will look like. I hope it’s not moves for the sake of making moves…

  7. I understand the Predators making every effort to make the playoffs, that is a no brainer, but if they get mathmatically elimininated they should give this team a shot to go deep into the AHL playoffs. I think it would be just as beneficial to their development than playing meaningless games in Nashville. As far as junior and college players coming in, I can’t really remember any large contributions other than possibly Geoffrion. Still it will be exciting to take a look at guys like Leipsic, Aberg, and Diaby if they are available.

  8. Glenn,

    I understand your sentiments, but Milwaukee is the developmental team for Nashville and at times it is easy to forget that as much as you might want the Admirals succeed. When it works hand-in-hand (Milwaukee wins, players develop for the next level) it’s great, but like any other NHL team, the Predators ultimate goal is to make their NHL team better, and if it comes at the expense of their AHL team, then so be it. There is a reason why Brian Finley was getting starts for the Admirals and not the better Wade Flaherty during the regular season the year Milwaukee won the Calder Cup.

    That’s life in the American Hockey League. You can make the argument either way, that it is better for players to develop in the AHL or better have them play in the NHL to gain valuable experience for next season and beyond. The best case scenario if an NHL team doesn’t make the playoffs is that some of their prospects get some NHL time, but their AHL team also makes the playoffs to gain that valuable postseason experience for their eligible prospects.

    I’m not sure how David Poile and Paul Fenton will handle things in the coming weeks, but I would expect some rolling call ups much like last year when they decide Nashville’s playoff math becomes too daunting. It will be up to the Admirals to persevere and hold on to/improve their playoff position, something this team is more than capable of.

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