The Chatterbox, Vol. 21

“Get out of my way, so called Rochester – so called Americans, the Swedes are coming,” shouted Filip Forsberg… I assume. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

I attended the Admirals morning skate today at the Kern Center in the hopes of my first look at a Mr. Calle Jarnkrok. He wasn’t there for practice today. As it turns out – he actually made it to the Ads locker room while I was running interviews. He left before I had the chance to speak with him but, considering how busy that guy will be getting used to new places and faces, that’s no biggie for me.

I spoke with head coach Dean Evason about yesterday’s trade deadline and what we should expect moving forward. I also had the chance to talk with Mathieu Tousignant and Filip Forsberg to hear their impressions of Jarnkrok. Here is what was said this afternoon.

Dean Evason’s trade deadline day and thoughts on Calle Jarnkrok:

Evason’s thoughts of having an extra center in the forward group:

Evason confirms that Simon Moser will be with the team soon:

Evason describes the good issue of having too many options at forward:

Evason provides an update on Joonas Jarvinen:

Evason talks about who he sees Jarnkrok being paired with:

Evason speaks on the goaltending situation:

Mathieu Tousignant on following yesterday’s trade deadline:

Tousignant’s impressions of Calle Jarnkrok:

Tousignant on what the move means for the team’s centers:

Filip Forsberg talks about Calle Jarnkrok:

Forsberg describes Jarnkrok’s game:

Forsberg on being linemates tomorrow with Jarnkrok:

Forsberg and I talk Swedes vs. Finns in the Admirals locker room:

Inside Joke Collection

There are always silly things happening around this team. Me being around the mix a fair bit leads to some goofing around and or, you guessed it, the classic interview bombing from players as I attempt to be a professional (attempt being a key word there). This morning we had more of the same. Here are some of the inside jokes from the day.

Dean Evason has made fun of my knitted fingerless gloves throughout this winter. When I showed up today he wanted to know where they went. How did I end today’s interview with our head coach?

When I arrived at morning skate at the Kern Center – I drifted into the comfort zone of watching our skaters fire shots. Next thing I know, I hear a massive ping, see a puck fluttering at my head, and dodged it. When I looked to the ice… I found this guy. Yes, I brought it to Filip’s attention. He seemed rather amused.

It seems like we’re never short an interview bomb with the Chatterbox. Today, linemates decided to chirp away a little bit as Joonas Rask found it funny that Tousignant was getting an interview today.

Then I decided to ask a frequently asked question that I’ve received ever since highlighting this particular video of Tousignant from his time with the Texas Stars. Is Tousi a video game nerd just like the rest of us?

Comments from the comments? Are you excited for the addition of Calle Jarnkrok tomorrow night? If the line will feature Jarnkrok and Forsberg – who plays opposite wing? Who do you feel will be tomorrow night’s healthy scratches?

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