Pekka Rinne’s New DaveArt Mask

Pekka Rinne starts in net tonight for the Nashville Predators as they take on the Pittsburgh Penguins. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Something that didn’t dawn on me until the Sunday game was that Pekka Rinne didn’t just return to the ice – he returned to it in style with a new lid.

Artist and Photo Credit: David Gunnarsson


Artist and Photo Credit: David Gunnarsson



Artist and Photo Credit: David Gunnarsson



Artist and Photo Credit: David Gunnarsson


I’ve always been a fan of Rinne’s masks and that faux-mask on mask look. Previous designs by the great David Gunnarsson for him include the following: The FacehuggerThe Voodoo PredGoalie aka NeedleHeadThe Predator GoaliePredGrinHardcorelicious PredGoalieHonkyTonk MaskPredGoalie (my personal favorite), RipperDripperClawRage, and Lenny Lion The Country Star.

What do you think of Pekka’s new mask? What are some of your favorite masks in goaltending right now? If you could have a goalie mask made – what do you put on it?

One thought on “Pekka Rinne’s New DaveArt Mask”

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