The Chatterbox, Vol. 20

Dear Nashville. Pekka Watch is over. Watch Pekka begins. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

The Admirals did something they’ve only done four times from ten chances today: win in overtime. You can thank two goals from Charles-Oliver Roussel and Pekka Rinne’s glove-side post for denying Luke Adam’s shot in OT.

After the game I had the opportunity to speak with Dean Evason, Pekka Rinne, Charles-Oliver Roussel, and Scott Ford. Here is what they had to say following their 2-1 OT victory over the Rochester Americans.

Dean Evason talks about recent games and the playoff push:

Evason breaks down the break down on the Rochester goal:

Evason’s thoughts on the Milwaukee fans and Pekka Rinne:

Evason hopes Pekka’s presence inspires Admirals goalies:

Evason updates Joonas Jarvinen’s status:

Evason makes Rinne to Nashville news official:

Evason talks up Charles-Olivier Roussel’s performance:

Evason speaks about the goaltending situation from this point forward:

Evason’s thoughts for the NHL Trade Deadline:

Pekka Rinne on return to the city of Milwaukee:

Rinne chatting with the likes of Mazanec and Hellberg during his time in Ads camp:

Rinne on not facing too many shots during his conditioning stint:

Rinne having the chance to re-explore Milwaukee:

Rinne asked if Wisconsin is still cold:

Rinne on giving a young fan his goalie stick after the game:

Rinne on how he felt returning to the ice:

Rinne asked if he is ready to play this Tuesday against Pittsburgh:

Rinne’s goals moving forward to Nashville:

Rinne’s opinions of the Milwaukee Admirals:

Charles-Olivier Roussel on magically becoming a sniper tonight (with Austin Watson interview bomb):

Roussel’s thoughts on bouncing back this weekend:

Roussel talks about the goalie situation moving forward (including the Magnus Hellberg interview bomb):

Scott Ford speaks about the team rebounding:

Ford on playing structured playoff style hockey:

Ford on having Rinne around the group these last few days:

Ford talks about having Mazanec, Hellberg, and Darling moving towards the playoff push:

Comments from the comments? Is this team trending upwards or is this a brief burst for them? Who starts in net from this moment? What do you think happens, Nashville and Milwaukee, at the Trade Deadline?

2 thoughts on “The Chatterbox, Vol. 20”

  1. Very cool for Charles Roussel to get the goals. He was scrambling a little bit on D. But he was clutch to find the net twice and get the boys the win .

    I Googled – Hockey Leader- and a picture of Scott Ford popped up. He is a pro , if I owned my own company I would hire him, there is always a place for smart people who get it.

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